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Is working remotely the future?

Remote or Telework are increasingly common terms today. However, 10 years ago this was not technically possible.

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Is working remotely the future? Happy Desk
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Remote or Telework are increasingly common terms today. However, 10 years ago this was not technically possible. Thanks to new technologies, many companies have already taken the plunge and have already created teams around the world.

Are we really in the era of change? Will it take a long time to lose 1 hour round and back in traffic jams and find this normal? What is the best future in the future of improving our working conditions?

I have my little idea on it, that's why I wanted to give you my point of view. Besides, I'm curious to know yours so feel free to let me your impressions, your story or your experience in comment.

The world is finally ready for remote work

There are many solutions today that allow you to manage projects from our computer. With an internet connection available almost everywhere, we access our "Cloud" files with a simple login and password from Brussels to Timbuktu.

If there is one area where remote work is more than possible, it is that of companies whose revenues are generated through the web. But not that...

Finding the rare pearl by limiting yourself to our flat country can be complicated. Why should we limit ourselves to our country when talent can be found all over the world?

Whether it's developers, designer, project manager...... but also accountants, lawyers, financial services, insurance, human resources,... all these fields are changing and offer a new vision of the profession. Remote work will only be a logical continuation of things.

There is a Youtube video in which I describe this at the bottom of the article. Support me by subscting to the YouTube channel "Happy Desk Design"

A new version soon standardized

As our era is changing, there is a good chance that these developments will soon become normal facts. Having a lawyer working from South America or a nomadic accountant travelling across Europe will soon be perfectly normal.

There will be a head office and/or a mobile office, the remote team can be located in the 4 corners of the world and the meetings will be on Skype.

Is working remotely the future? Happy Desk
Photo by Persnickety Prints on Unsplash

A change in mentality

Even if the world of work is changing there are a number of preconceived thoughts that will have to be unravelled as soon as possible.

Of course, not everything can please everyone, let's take the example of the manager who can not bear to see the empty chairs, he will no longer be able to "control" or "put pressure" and will find this idea totally wacky.

However, remote work highlights the importance of each function and will have to be based on a relationship of trust between employer and employee. Perhaps this relationship will push everyone to give the best of themselves by eradicating the relationship of authority that there was in the traditional method of working.

Remote Work - Low Cost Work? Hun Hun... Wrong calculation!

Wanting to work remotely with the world makes you think that prices will be more attractive. Indeed 100 euros in Belgium is not worth 100 euros in Jaipur ... Still, let me tell you that if it working remotely at low cost is your only motivation, it's not a good idea.

Indeed, working as a team from the four corners of the world remotely does not mean that you have to pay less someone living in an underdeveloped country. Any work deserves pay, your employees can only be rewarding and motivated to work for someone who recognizes them at their true value.

Is working remotely the future? Happy Desk
Photo by Nathan Anderson on Unsplash

You are already making a nice saving thanks to remote work, a reduction in costs will be achieved thanks to the fact that you no longer have to spend a budget for office equipment, or a company car or even the cost of renting workspace.

Now be careful, I don't mean to say that we should no longer invest in our employees! To have a tight-knit, motivated and healthy team, you will need to think about their well-being, such as offering a gym membership, delivering fruit and vegetables or offering adequate office equipment. The salary must also be equivalent for all employees.

In my opinion, remote work will be fully standardized in the near by now. It will always be a question of having a local team that will also be able to work from home as many times as it wants. The principle of remote work may be limited to our country and/or neighbouring countries, but should not stop there. It is a question of a change of mentality and organization. A lot of international companies have already proven that this system works beyond their expectations, so why not try it at home too?


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