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Working comfortably as a nomad

Do you want to succeed in what you do? In this case, you have to work comfortably: on the terrace, in a coffee bar, at home...

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Working comfortably as a nomad - Happy Desk
Photo by Katlyn Giberson on Unsplash

Do you want to succeed in what you do, and in the long term? In this case, you have to work comfortably: on the terrace, in a coffee bar, at home, in an airport... In fact, I've had the chance to experience it for the last two years! And it's rather "cool", and above all: in tune with the times!

In addition, if you are not comfortable enough during your working hours (usually 6 to 8 hours a day), you may cause damage to your back, eyes, neck and many others. At such a rate, you'll also have a hard time keeping up, especially as you work in front of a computer screen most of the time.

5 ways to work comfortably anywhere

I'm not going to give you the right postures to work comfortably. On the other hand, we are talking about "practicality". After reading this article, you can immediately apply these 5 tips!

Working comfortably as a nomad - Happy Desk
Photo by Abdullah On Unsplash

1. For your eyes

Start by taking care of your eyes. Glasses are already adequate protection, especially if the lenses have been specially designed to protect you from the living colors of a computer screen - commonly known as "blue" color. There are also easy-to-reach soft-priced glasses, as they are available all over the net or in a specialty store.

As everyone has his look, I suggest you do a google search stating "Blue Light Glass". You will surely find your happiness!

Working comfortably as a nomad - Happy Desk
Photo by Tony Lee on Unsplash

2. For your neck

Working in front of a "laptop" screen on a narrow keyboard doesn't make it easy for you, does it? Working comfortably in these conditions is complicated! The solution? There is nothing better than external keyboards and mice. I have used them myself, and having seen a real change, I now take them with me, wherever I go.

Then I bought a folding stand/feet on Amazon; it fits easily into my bag. So, no matter where I work, I simply deploy my booth, and take out my keyboard. That way, my eyes are at my screen height. I can then work in total comfort, without back pain or neck. The Top!

Keyboard and mouse at your leisure! As for the stand, see it here (in home and nomadic mode): Stand for laptop (Material).

Working comfortably as a nomad - Happy Desk
Photo by kevin laminto on Unsplash

3. For your back

Carrying around with a specific back cushion is not the most practical! What to do with your back, then? If you can't find a suitable cushion, why not do a pose every 30 minutes? Maybe it would be a good idea to give you 5 minutes, whether it's for coffee, to go to the toilet, to get some fresh air...

On the other hand, if you stay at home, having a comfortable cushion will allow you to work comfortably! Just find out what cushion model you like. For my case, I've been using this product for two years: Shape Memory Cushion (Material); it is very effective and I really love it!

4. For your hands

It's not just your eyes, neck and back that make the effort! Apart from your cerebellon, don't forget your hand on the mouse! Bring extra comfort by buying a mouse pad with a small memory cushion. Like my other equipment, it also fits easily in my bag.

Here's my memory-shaped mouse pad: Memory Shape Carpet (Material).

Working comfortably as a nomad - Happy Desk
Photo by Xochi on Unsplash

5. For your posture

Having the right posture is not always easy. That's when I found a small camera that helps me stand up straight. It's very small and it sticks to the upper back. Patented in Germany, it has already proven itself!

Personally, I use it regularly. Those who want to take care of their posture during the day, like me, will certainly find it fun to use it. And if you want to boost your posture, here's my Portable Posture Coach (Material)

As you will understand, I place a lot of importance on comfort during working hours in front of my screen. When you work more than 6 hours a day sitting down, it's important to be aware of that. In any case, if you are passionate about what you do and want to do this for another few years, think about it!

Come back to this page whenever you want. Have you found any advice that I might have forgotten when writing? If so, what are they? Leave a comment below or email hello@happydesk.be
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