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All about Webflow 2019

Two brothers passionate about technology and the Internet are the authors of Webflow. But before we continue a little further, what is Webflow 2019?

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Webflow was launched in 2013. Two brothers passionate about technology and the Internet are the authors. Before we continue a little further, what is Webflow 2019? In fact, it is a CMS for website creation. Its users do not need any special skills for its use.

What are the features of Webflow 2019?

I'm giving you today the two main features of Webflow; if you don't use it yet, maybe they'll convince you:

Its interface:

It can be said to be mixed, because its authors were inspired by both Photoshop and Wix when it was designed. Moreover, this mix allows website designers to customize their site as they see fit! In addition to the various templates offered, you have at your disposal a wide range of customization tools such as formats, styles, colors and fonts.

Its practicality:

Of course, you don't need to know how to code to access and use the platform. But if you are one of those who really enjoy coding, Webflow 2019 still welcomes you with open arms! Indeed, this CMS allows the combination of design and code editing on a single platform. What an unparalleled time saving, isn't it?

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What offers does Webflow 2019 offer?

The two brothers who created Webflow thought of everyone when they set up Webflow. Why is that so? They give us the choice between different offers, and our selection is up to us. 3 offers are actually on the agenda: Hosting plans, Designer Plans and Team Plans. Let's consider them one by one:

Hosting plan

In this category, you still have the choice between 3 other different offers. In any case, each of them is intended for companies and individuals who want to create their own website. By using this first offer, you will also have access to a CDN as well as a domain name and an SSL.

Let's start with basic hosting, which is available for $12. As it is the basis, the basic features offered are as follows: 500 form submissions and 25,000 monthly visits.

What about the second choice, i. e. CMS Hosting? Its rate is slightly higher, as it is $16. It differs from the first by the presence of 2,000 CMS tools at your disposal. The number of form submissions is 1,000 and for the number of monthly visits, it can be as high as 100,000. It is also possible to access an API CMS through CMS Hosting. Finally, you will have at your disposal 3 different creation editors!

Business Hosting comes next. It is $36, with 1,000 CMS tools, 10 creative editors and an unlimited number of form submissions. Monthly visits can reach 1,000,000.

All this sounds good, but even better: the possibility of subscribing to a free offer in the Hosting Plans. If you are just starting out in webflow 2019 website design, this alternative will undoubtedly suit you (at least, to familiarize yourself with the platform and test if its performance meets your expectations)! However, the only two pages available in this case will be two static pages. Therefore, you are obliged to provide the site host yourself.

Designer plan

Now, it's time for the plan designer, thanks to which you can manage several projects simultaneously. Like the previous offer, this one is divided into 3 other suboffers. It's up to you to find the one you're interested in:

The starter:

It is free, but unlike the one offered by Hosting Plans, hosting your site (if you choose this offer) is the responsibility of Webflow itself. Even without paying anything, you can also customize the site (it is not without reason that all offers are called: designer plans).

Lite offer:

16 $ will be paid here. The number of projects available to you would be 10. In addition, there is the possibility of exporting codes in order to further improve the website. You can then use them on another platform or environment.

Pro offer :

It costs $35, and for a professional, it's not much. The advantages are not the least of them, because here you are free to manage all your projects (whatever the number). In addition to the same options offered by the Lite offer, it gives you the opportunity to optimize your website. In addition, whether you are working in collaboration with another person or want to share your work with a third party, the Pro offer is the one for you! Especially if you work freelance as a designer. As a bonus, it is quite possible, with this price plan, to create a white-label site and then protect it with a password.

Team plans

Finally, we saved the best for the end: team plans. Agencies in particular are using this alternative. And as its name suggests, it is also intended for teams. Are you a team of freelancers working on one (or more) projects? In this case, choose between these 2 price plans that follow (they have a certain similarity with the designer's Pro offer, with other possibilities):

Team offer

You need $35 for this one, very interesting if you are a team of several designers. Here is the extra functionality: the presence of a dashboard (dashboard). Obviously, it has been set up to successfully manage teamwork.

Large Team offer

The proposals are about the same, but the difference is in the scope of the project.

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How to use Webflow?

Creation of the site in question

Are you a beginner in website design, or just using Webflow 2019? Perhaps you haven't used this platform for ages, so you've forgotten all the procedures for creating websites on Webflow.

Anyway, I'm giving you a little tutorial about the platform:

  • Start by registering for Webflow. Then use your email address, and choose your password. Wait until this registration is validated, and the rest opens up to you!
  • Once connected, you will have the Webflow interface in front of you. The platform then offers you various templates that may be of interest to you. There is something for everyone! In short, everything can be done quickly.
  • If none of the proposals attract you, don't give up yet. Did you know that you have the possibility to create the design you need yourself? In fact, the Webflow interface is so intuitive that it would be a waste of time to explain it to you. Try it for yourself, and you'll see;) Simply drag, drop, write, insert images...
  • When you are satisfied with your creation, simply access the menu bar, and click on publish the site.

Other additional features are available in this menu bar itself, such as: adding a page, exporting the code, previewing the design and many others.

Content editing

Webflow Editor is a separate section. As the title of this paragraph implies, it is a platform for modifying content. Moreover, all website creation platforms use the same replica. The difference with webflow 2019 is that the platform does not direct you to an area dedicated to modification. On the other hand, you will work directly on the page thanks to the web feed editor: quite simple, isn't it?

The advantage? Well, when you build it, you will automatically get a preview of what will happen when it is published! Indeed, a real-time work is done. We will discuss the subject further in the article, but SEO features are available (for paid versions) in this editor, and on any page. In addition, it is not considered a plug-in (like those in WordPress). On the contrary, it is a feature in its own right.

Photo by Nitish Meena on Unsplash

Why use Webflow?

You have 7 good reasons to use Webflow:

  1. It is economical. Besides, you don't need to pay anything. We have just stated previously that free offers are available. Even free of charge, it is very effective. Also, there is no time limit for this free use; it is permanent.
  2. You don't need to be a computer scientist, a coding expert or anything like that. Webflow has already prepared everything; HTML, CSS and JavaScript functionalities are combined. In other words, when you edit the site by dragging and dropping blocks..., Webflow itself handles underlying codes that could then be exported.
  3. As far as page content is concerned, this is not a problem. Just like creating websites, the content editor is also intuitive.
  4. When using Webflow, be sure that your pages are automatically referenced. However, there are advanced options that allow SEO management (at least for paid plans).
  5. Webflow offers you a good number of templates. Did you know that they were previously designed by professionals? However, they are free of charge! No need to worry, especially if you're struggling in terms of design.
  6. Security is at the rendezvous for all the plans proposed by Webflow. The presence of SSL is proof of this. Also, automatic backup is possible! Isn't that convenient?
  7. With Webflow, site creation is done with one stone two birds. Indeed, you just have to take care of the design of the desktop version of the site. At the same time, the mobile version is created (automatically).

Are there any disadvantages to Webflow?

We must not hide our faces, Webflow 2019 is not without its drawbacks (as all things by the way):

  • It's true that with Webflow, you can do whatever you want, and easily. But first, you have to get familiar with it.

You will have understood: the disadvantages of Webflow are less compared to the advantages it offers. It's up to you:)

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

Webflow 2019 vs. other CMS?


There are many other alternatives to Webflow 2019, but are they really worth it? Let's take the case of Wordpress, for starters. Wordpress is certainly based on PHP. Like Webflow, there is a wide variety of free templates, not to mention the thousands of free plug-ins already available. Creating websites is very easy with Wordpress, whether for e-commerce or for personal use.

However, Wordpress' capabilities are limited, especially for the creation of dynamically sourced e-commerce sites. The intervention of a professional would be necessary in this case, and he will do more than half of the work. On the other hand, thanks to Webflow, the creation of a site of this nature will be simple and quick!


This platform also stands out by the fact that with it, you don't need to code anything! However, Webflow's features are richer than Squarespace's. At first glance, it seems to be just a visual CMS platform, but to be honest, it is much more than that. The management and delivery of complex projects are indeed part of its service. However, everything depends only on you and your real needs. Ask yourself about your real needs (or those of your customers), before selecting the right CMS.


Wix, just as Webflow is powerful. Whether you are a developer or not, you can use one of these two platforms. Each of them has its own particularity. If Wix is dedicated rather to those who want advanced customization features while Webflow was mainly designed for those who want to combine ease of website creation (through its intuitive interface) and site performance (once designed).


To create your own website, why not try this CMS which is none other than Webflow? You won't be the only one to be satisfied with your work, but your clients will be too. Webflow 2019 is indeed unique, and the different options it offers have something to do with it! What's more, you'll have noticed that the prices are attractive.

Come back to this page whenever you want. Have you found any advice that I might have forgotten when writing? If so, what are they? Leave a comment below or email hello@happydesk.be
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