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Timely App: 1st choice time tracker

What is the best time tracker software? Everyone has his choice, but the one I liked the most is: Timely App.

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Timely: The best time tracker in Happy Desk history
Photo by Collin Hardy on Unsplash

It is said that the human brain does not know the difference between reality and thought. I checked to see if it's true or not, and apparently it is! So sometimes it seems like everything is fine, but the reality is quite different. We just spend a lot of time on certain tasks, and yet our goal is far from being achieved. To remedy this, many entrepreneurs decide to use time tracking software. But how can it help?

We have a daily routine that's not very obvious...

As entrepreneurs, we have several things to manage, all at the same time. They are all equally important: between those that are urgent, important and mandatory, we often get lost! Not to mention the fact that you have to juggle between the projects of your various clients, but also your own. Or, of all those distractions you can't say no to.

Anyway, we can't manage our time.

Is time tracking software the solution?

I'd say the real solution is organization. But you need specific tools to help you do this: a to do list and a timer. However, nothing obliges you to resort to digital tools. You are free to use a paper to do list or a manual timer. However, automated tools are more practical.

With them, you can regain control of your time. And when you're in control of your time, you're in control of your money. As they say: time is money. So when you control your time, you'll be able to find a balance between all the tasks you have to do during the day.

Instead of wasting your time on things that don't deserve it, you'll be able to focus on the essentials. That way you'll save more time. Your days will be optimized like never before. At least, that's what I've experienced. I must confess that before, I didn't like the idea of timing myself at all. But the more I tried, the less I felt I was losing time.

time tracker
Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

Well, the thing about that is...

For those of us with creative brains, we tend not to like being timed. It's a bit extreme, because we want to feel free, not forced to keep to schedules

However, even a free and creative brain is not immune to loss of control. Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, we go off the rails! So the best thing would be to always keep things under control.

As I told you earlier, I didn't like the idea of being timed. But with practice, I can assure you it gets better and better!

Concretely, what advantages do you gain with time trackers?

Simplicity at the appointment

You can say goodbye to processing timesheets on Excel. Besides being complicated, it's boring. Time tracker software, on the other hand, is simpler to use. Everyone, even first-time users, can quickly get used to it.

There's no lack of detail

With a few clicks, you can then enter many elements. Of course, this software is primarily intended for time tracking, but you can also enter other data(task categorization, other important information about thetasks...).

At the end of each week, maybe you want to take stock of what you've done. This tool calculates everything for you(weekly report among other things). Since it is an online tool, it will be available on various terminals (smartphones, tablets, different laptops and computers), obviously with all the necessary details.

Collaborative and automated tool

If you work with a team, these software programs are incredibly practical. The reports (daily, weekly or monthly) of each team member are uniform so that they are ready to be sent to your clients (those who want details).

time tracking
Photo by Immo Wegmann on Unsplash

Easy decision making

You will be able to make the right decisions after analyzing the time tracking report. Indeed, depending on the time you spend on a task, you can decide whether or not :

  • you'll have to automate some tasks, because they take up all your time, even though they're not profitable enough.
  • you will have to outsource some of your tasks because you need to focus on those that are more urgent or important.
  • you're just gonna have to delete some of them, maybe because they lead to your downfall.

Anticipation of delays

As soon as you go to your dashboard, you will get an overview of the status of the different projects. And if one of them is running over an imminent deadline, you know what you have to do. Perhaps you can alert your client immediately and tell him or her why. On your side, you will brief your team and tell them that you need to get organized to complete the project as quickly as possible.

The sooner this delay is detected, the better.

Transparency respected

I don't know how you work with your clients. But if you work with the ones who charge by the hour, you can charge them the right price. With a little bit of tuning, these time tracking tools have billing tools that are very accurate.

Which software, specifically?

The solution I came up with is fantastic, it's Timely App.

Of course before I get to this point, I tried several methods to try to track the time I spend on a project.

As I told you earlier, there is the manual method: you open a Google Sheet and you time yourself with your smartphone. A quick calculation and there's a result.

Then there is the classic tracking method like Toggl. It's a very well done application. I had the opportunity to try it, but it was not conclusive in my case. I don't know about you, what do you say we test it?

Of course, there are other tools that are just as interesting, but the one that attracted me the most is Timely App.

A new and innovative method: Timely.

The problem with classic time trackers is that you can forget it at any time. With all we have to do, it's likely!

Photo by Harry Sandhu on Unsplash

Hence my choice to turn to an automated application like Timely. For one, it can be installed on different media (Chrome, Mac, iOs, Windows, Android...). Second, you don't have to activate it manually. It is fully automatic... Happiness!

Timely App: active at all times

To share my way of using Timely, I have prepared a YouTube video! Support me by subscribing to the YouTube channel "Happy Desk Design".

How does it work?

In only 5 steps, everything is ready:

  1. Install the application on all the media you use for the job.
  2. Create all the categories you need: Customer Projects / Administration / Time OFF / Branding
  3. For each category created, don't forget to add a "Tag". Here are a few examples:
    Client Projects = Client Tag 1, Client Tag 2, ...
    Administration = Accounting Tag, Quotation Tag, ...
  4. The application does the rest. At the end of the day, you only have to take 5 minutes of your time to select the moment of your day dedicated to Customer Projects / Administration / Time OFF / Branding as well as the related Tag.
  5. For a tag, you can include your hourly rate. This way, you will be able to check after a while if a project is profitable enough or not.

Small bonus Timely App PRO

For more details, I advise you to time everything manually, on the application itself. Let me explain: you click on each new task that starts or finishes on start the timer, and then stop it. If you have ever been distracted and forgot to stop or start the stopwatch, it's not a problem. You have the right to correct the data :)

In business,
the use of time tracking software such as Timely App is important. They are not used to check if your colleagues or teams are doing their job well or not. If you do it, it is above all for you, for your productivity and for your customers!

YouTube: How I use Timely App - Time Tracker (2019)

How I Use Timely App - Time Tracker (2019)
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