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StoryChief: your blog boosted in one click

With a single click, you can optimize the SEO of your site with StoryChief. How is this possible? Its features allow it!

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Photo by Zachary Shea on Unsplash

With a single click, you can optimize the SEO of your site with StoryChief. How is this possible? To find out, let's first look at some key points on this platform.

StoryChief is first and foremost a collaborative platform through which it is possible to plan, optimize and distribute articles via different means, and this, with a single click! The details will be discussed in a moment.

Collaborative platform

The collaboration process on StoryChief can be done as follows:

  • Let all the contributors modify the article, insert images... on the platform by giving them access.
  • Then take care of the SEO (you have the choice between taking care of it yourself, or letting them in the hands of one of your team members). What is certain is that its handling is entirely simple, so you have the possibility to do it yourself.
  • If you use StoryChief for personal use, the item in question will await your approval (otherwise, if it is a work for a customer, you put the item on hold for approval).
  • Once this step is done, all that remains is to plan the publication of the article (if some decide to publish it immediately, others prefer to follow a well organized schedule; this effectively contributes to a quality SEO optimization)

Click here to test StoryChief for 14 days for free

Photo by Joey Pilgrim on Unsplash

One-click publication

What do we mean by "one click" more precisely? In fact, it's simple: a single button is literally enough to perform several tasks simultaneously.

Is this feature really useful? That is the question. In fact, it is the case. Indeed, you will save a lot of time. At first glance, this may seem insignificant, but it is not.

Imagine that you have to do the same thing several times (about ten times for example): create an introduction, insert a photo, etc. In the long run, it'll probably get tiring!

Fortunately, there is StoryChief, which brings all these tasks together in one. Indeed, all you need is a prior configuration, and you're done! A single button will allow you to:

  • Publish on your site in question;
  • To broadcast ads on all your social networks;
  • To take care of your AMP Channels;
  • Send newsletters and external hubs, on medium.com, blogger.com and many others.

Click here to test StoryChief for 14 days for free

Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

StoryChief, track your progress

With StoryChief, one thing is certain: your business will grow. Not only will its use save you a lot of time, but the SEO tool integrated into this platform will allow you to attract as many potential customers as possible.

The only question is, how fast are we moving? Fortunately, this is quite possible with StoryChief. Indeed, you have the possibility to follow your progress from your dashboard. You can see for example:

  • The number of views;
  • The number of times Internet users spent on an article;
  • Other equally important clues.

From all this, analyze your performance more simply. Especially since you will not necessarily need to have the technical skills to do so.

Click here to test StoryChief for 14 days for free

Photo by Anastasia Hofmann on Unsplash

is far from being a simple content publishing platform. It is much more than that, because several features are present there; the entirety aiming to optimize the SEO of your site, but not only: your business obviously depends on it. What is stopping you from not trying this beautiful platform that is StoryChief?

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