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3 reasons to design a responsive design website

The use of mobile internet is constantly increasing. In 2015, mobile traffic surpassed desktop traffic. Hence the interest of a responsive design website!

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The use of mobile internet is constantly increasing. In fact, by 2015, mobile traffic had surpassed that of the computer. According to Médiamétrie, we spend an average of 1h16 per day on our mobile device to surf, compared to 33 minutes on our computer. Do you see the interest of having a responsive design website?

A responsive design site, how does it work?

Responsive is said to be a site that has an interface adapted to smartphones. However, it is different from the "adaptive". The latter consists in designing different interface versions according to the device used. In all, two sites are designed: one for the desktop and one for the mobile. On the other hand, the responsive automatically modulates itself according to the size of the screen.

The principle is simple: all the elements of a website present in the desktop version must be visible in the mobile version. But in this case, space is a problem, it is insufficient. This is why, in general, these "excess" elements are automatically hidden when the site is opened in a mobile version (the menu, for example). They are present, but are not immediately visible.

responsive site
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Why responsive design?

1. Convenience at the appointment thanks to the responsive site

A few years ago, having a responsive site was great! This has changed over time: the responsive no longer had anything so luxurious, it has become a matter of course. Indeed, the arrival of smartphones has turned everything upside down. The first iPhone, for example, was released in 2007. As a result, consumers have gradually abandoned desktop computers in favour of smartphones.

Let's suppose that your site is not responsive while almost all visitors use their entire mobile phone. Do you think they'll be there for more than a minute? This is not very practical, which will lead them to collect information elsewhere. You will have lost prospects, potential customers... Which is a shame.

responsive site
Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

2. Guaranteed visibility

On the other hand, advertisers want more visibility. So they fall back on the situation, and all make sure they have a responsive website. Not to mention Google, which has a certain preference for these sites. However, the creation of a site is not done by chance. If you create one, it's because you have to have a very specific goal: to gain visibility. And if Google appreciates your site (because it is responsive), you have every chance of positioning yourself well in search results.

3. Less work required

Having a responsive site will also save you a lot of work. Unlike having two sites (one for mobile and one for desktop), you do not need to perform two maintenance operations. The cost of creating a responsive site is therefore lower than for two sites. Also, the time required to design the site is extremely short. In short, everything is done two in one.

responsive site
Photo by Rob Hampson on Unsplash

You have everything to gain with a responsive design website. Indeed, the latter has only advantages. If yours is not yet responsive, it is high time to revise it!

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