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What is the true price of a website?

What is the true price of a website? Today, every company has a website. Achieving your business goals will make all the difference.

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What is the right price of a Happy Desk website
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Determining the price of a website is not comparable to a fruit you buy at the supermarket. Your website is unique, which is why it is not possible to stick a label on it.

First of all, I would say that is not the right question to ask. The price of your website will depend on the time spent on its implementation while including the complete analysis of your business.

If I were you, I would rather ask myself the question

"What budget would I be willing to put on the table to achieve my goals?"

Creating a website has now become "very easy". There are many tools that exist like Wix, Squarespace, Shopify,etc. (to name a few). These are very easy tools to handle and make you want to take the plunge to create a website yourself.

And then we all have a friend "pseudo-computer" who knows how to "craft" a "website" in less than two and the trick is played ... My question is: Will your website be able to convert visitors who browse it into a real customer? Will your website be optimized on search engines, will it be secure? It's true that it's a cheap site... but isn't it already too expensive for what it is?

With an expert, it is not "making a website" that determines the price of a website.

Let me explain...

We agree, having a site today is essential. This also means that 90% of companies have a website and that competition has become more intense than ever.

Do you know that a user stays on average less than a minute on a website?

The goal, in my opinion, is no longer to create "a showcase site" with a little text, some photos and hop the trick is played. No, you have to take your project much further ...

What will determine the price of your website is the involvement of your webdesigner in the reflection, analysis, study and research of the development of yourbusiness.

Yes, your business in the broadest sense. Because the more you will "invest" in your website, the more you will differentiate yourself from the competition and stand out.

You will be more easily found on Google and Bing search engines and when the user arrives on your site he will be convinced by the "original" experience you will offer him.

So think carefully about your business goals and invest in your business.

As you are on this page is that you want to have a price idea, so here are 3 price ranges below.

Start "small showcase site": 1500
That's what I advise you not to do. Unless your provider is young and motivated. I say that, because at the beginning, that's how I started. There is a beginning to everything... But be vigilant to the person seriously, because it would be a shame to lose this amount when starting your business.

1. Bronze "Basic pro website": 3-7000
You will have a bespoke website with a thorough search and already important involvement of your provider. At this price, your project will be highlighted and your visitors will benefit from a more than correct customer experience.

2. Silver "Smart Pro Website": 7-15000
You'll have a bespoke website, connected to your CRM software in an intelligent way. This means that your site is a real "tool" for your business. The return on investment is quickly felt, because the site makes your life easier on a daily basis, brings in new customers and therefore increases your turnover.

3. Gold "Pro Design Experience Website": 25,000
You will have a bespoke, connected website, and an experience equal to any other. It is a site that we travel effortlessly and that "takes us" into the world of the brand. In general, this type of site is requested by agencies. But why not do a "WaW" experience for your business?


Make sure you find the Webdesigner who will understand you and showcase your skills in an intelligent way. New ones are opening up for us thanks to the digital age. Making a showcase site is no longer the solution, you have to stand out and see much further to lead your project "to the top"!

Come back to this page whenever you want. Have you found any advice that I might have forgotten when writing? If so, what are they? Leave a comment below or email hello@happydesk.be
Kevin Palombo, Happy Desk Manager

Most entrepreneurs have an inefficient website with no clear message. So I created a 5-step process that is to create a custom and connected website to achieve your successful web. See Happy Desk

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