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Why be active on social networks?

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Social networks have taken a very important place in the lives of Internet users. Who doesn't know Facebook, Twitter, Google, Youtube, etc...? A company has several advantages to be present on social networks. I have prepared for you 5 arguments that should make you want to start today.

1. Proximity communication

Social networks are a way to foster close communication with your customers and broaden your audience. You can inform them of the release of your new product, offer them a survey, collect their opinion on different topics and, in this way, adjust your strategy according to the responses received.


2. Virality

Social networks are the best way to spread information very quickly. A comment can go around the web in less time than it takes to say it. If you announce the launch of a new product on Facebook or Twitter, your ad will be seen by hundreds of people in just a few days. Again, you can gather feedback to further improve your product.


3. The perfect place to prove your expertise

Social networks are the perfect complement to your website. This is the best place to demonstrate your expertise and increase your notoriety. You can share your news, give advice, inform of the launch of your latest product, a reward received, etc.


4. Facing the competition

If you're not on social media, rest assured that your competitors are definitely there and that you're losing market share. It is therefore, more than ever, crucial to be present on the various social networking platforms so that consumers have a better chance of stumbling upon your products than those of your competitors.


5. Better referencing

Today, search engines take social networks into account when referencing them. The quality of your online reputation or "e-reputation" can give you a better positioning in the search results of Internet users. So don't overlook this advantage!

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