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Why create an MVP?

An MVP is a term frequently used by startups. It is thanks to him that a startup has a much better chance of succeeding. By the way, what's the point?

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Why create an MVP? Happy Desk
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An MVP is a term frequently used by startups. Whether it's an idea, a website, a new product, or whatever, it's thanks to him that a startup has a much better chance of success. But basically, what's the point?

MVP is the acronym for Minimum Viable Product. There are now other synonyms such as MLP "Minimum Lovable Product" or MAP "Minimum Awesome Product" etc.

It all starts with an observation and an idea...

We start a startup usually because we have been faced with a problem ourselves or as a result of a failure. Then comes an idea that is supposed to solve this problem. To put you in context, the short story that will follow will be an example that did not follow the technique of the "MVP" ...

For the idea to be a revolution we think that we can imagine and create our product down to the smallest detail.

The second step is to the phase in which we think, think, prepare and develop this product. This step is usually done on its own or in small, or even very small committee, I mean friends or family.

Then comes The First Reflex, where to find the funds? A few months of development, design, marketing,... it's not free.

So we call on an agency that can highlight "ideas" and make a nice App, a beautiful website and take care of the marketing part.

After 10 months, we are finally close... The launch date and set, small ovens and launch events are programmed down to the smallest details...

Why create an MVP? Happy Desk
Photo by Emilio Garcia on Unsplash

There is a Youtube video in which I describe this at the bottom of the article. Support me by subscting to the YouTube channel "Happy Desk Design"

But voila, the disillusionment begins

The App is on the Play Store and the Apple Store, the website is online, the Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaign has started, the sales team is up, etc.

No or very little reaction from the market ...

Aiii... We start a new "revolution" with a debt that can sometimes go up to 100,000 or more and no customers ... No one scrambles to install the app and no reactions on social networks and do not even talk about the number of visitors to the website ...

Is there a start? probably! Failure? Probably! Was it possible to avoid this difficult situation? Fortunately, yes!

Why create an MVP? Happy Desk
Photo by Jo Szczepanska on Unsplash

The MVP could have made the difference

The MVP is the culmination of a reflection... This reasoning process is the first version of your product that you could have created in a very short time. Your product has the minimum functionality needed to make the customer experience a success.

The MVP is the culmination of an "Creation - Measurement - Learning" first cycle

To create an MVP, you first have to ask yourself the real questions (and answer them):

"Will my idea really be appreciated by the market?"
"Who will benefit most from this idea?"
"How do I know if my idea is of interest to my audience?"
"How can I get my idea tested as soon as possible?"
"What will be the results that will validate my idea?"
"During the first tests, how many actions in relation to the number of visitors?" or "What is the ROI?"

Today, there are a multitude of methods to create an MVP. There are strategies and methodologies inspired by silicon valley startups: Scrum Method in Development, Design Thinking for Products,...

One method I've learned latelyis the "Design Sprint" or "How to create an MVP and get tested by real users in less than 5 days" This methodology was created and tested within Google Venture by Jake Knapp .

YouTube: Why create an MVP?

Why create an MVP? Happy desk

Sources: The Lean Startup by Eric Ries Amazon link

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