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Is there a limit to the number of customer reminders?

Have you ever heard of the customer dunning limit? Have you ever dunned a potential customer? Have you? How many times?

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customer dunning limit
Photo by Austris Augusts on Unsplash

The customer dunning limit, you ever heard of it? Have you ever dunned a potential customer?

  • Yes? How many times? I'm curious to know 🙂
  • No? Then you're just in time! This article will explain whether or not there is a limit to the number of customer reminders.

Customer dunning limit: what number should I stick to?

Actually, there is no ready-made rule about the customer dunning limit. Whether you want to remind him 5 or 6 times (or even more), it doesn't matter. You just have to be careful not to harass him 😁 it will scare him away.

customer dunning limit
Photo by Volkan Olmez on Unsplash

To help you, here are the attitudes to adopt:

  • be courteous
  • be nice
  • if you feel like he can't talk, let him, and remind him another day.

That reminds me of a little story, my experience with the customer dunning limit.

My experience in customer follow-up

Last year, I traded with a potential client. I explained to him what I was doing, and he told me what he wanted me to do. The discussion went well. I then sent him an estimate a few days later. Of course, he received it, but... I didn't get any answer anymore (apart from an acknowledgement of receipt of the estimate).

If you were in my shoes, what would you have done? Give up? Nooo, I wouldn't advise you to do that. Do it again, while you still can. As long as he hasn't told you not to call or e-mail him again, you have every right to do so. But depending on your client, it's up to you how you do it, how often you do it...

There is a Youtube video in which I describe this at the bottom of the article. Support me by subscting to the YouTube channel "Happy Desk Design"

customer dunning limit
Photo by James Orr on Unsplash

So let's get back to the story. So I reminded him. When I felt it wasn't the right time, I didn't hold him for long. But still, remember: when you call on a reminder (or send reminder emails), don't do it without a reason. Bring him something extra, something he's interested in.

So, when I called him, guess what? He said he'd consult with other agencies first before deciding anything. And then three months went by. I naturally turned to other projects. At some point, I decided to call him back, and that's when he finally agreed.

All this to say that you must persevere. Your effort will always pay off, one day or another. Never let a client down because they don't answer your e-mails or calls. As I said at the very beginning of this article, there is no such thing as a customer do-over limit.

customer dunning limit
Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

What are the advantages of relaunching your potential customers?

There, I told you a positive experience (there's another story in the following video, still with a nice ending). What if you don't manage to get a contract after a dozen re-launches? Don't be discouraged. Remember: "one lost, ten found".

At least tell yourself you did what you had to do. Isn't that better than being in doubt? If you didn't do the right thing, you're going to be wondering for a long time, "What could have happened if I had raised that prospect again?".

You surely know it: it is impossible to convert 100% of your prospects into customers, but at least you are giving yourself the best chance by not imposing a customer reminder limit! And that's not insignificant.

You want to know another one of my customer follow-up experiences? Go to my YouTube channel, and watch the video: DO CUSTOMER RELAUNCHES HAVE A LIMIT?

Come back to this page whenever you want. Have you found any advice that I might have forgotten when writing? If so, what are they? Leave a comment below or email hello@happydesk.be
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