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Open letter to web designers

Open letter to the new generation of web designers. Since the beginning of this confinement there is like an additional feeling of loneliness and boredom?

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Photo by Ashkan Forouzani on Unsplash

We web designers have always liked to work from home, but lately since the beginning of this confinement there is a feeling of additional loneliness and boredom? If so, so am I! 

This unusual moment is likely to last and the customer relationship is therefore more important than ever. This global epidemic affects everyone, and doing nothing is not the way to move forward.

Some companies have already reinvented their business model to help companies in need at the digital level.

I remember for example Webflowwhich offers "free" hosting for covid-19 and covid-20 information sites. Loom which offers formulas at 50% or free until July 1st. Or Basecamp which offers a free formula to find up to 20 colleagues under one roof in just a few clicks!

And there are many others, and for good reason, it is essential today to help each in its own way the companies in difficulty.

So, here are the problems I see today: 

  • Clients are in financial difficulty and have to reinvent themselves at breakneck speed.
  • Clients must close the door to regular customers overnight.
  • Customers don't know (or don't know how) to attract "new" customers
  • A concern about the duration
  • A global situation that affects everyone

And our situation as a web designer, developer (and other why not!):

  • We're bored because, apart from the walk, there's not much we can do to take our minds off it.
  • We watch Netflix every night.
  • We check the QP stock every day.


  • We've got gold in our hands, because we're creating websites
  • We know the infinite possibilities of a web site
  • We know how to create a web experience with an outstanding design.
  • And we love it!

So here are the solutions that, as a web designer, could help you get ahead of the game and help businesses today! They need you!

  1. Propose an "adapted budget" formula.
  2. Propose to service providers to install free software for appointment scheduling on their website (example: Calendly, Acuity,...).
  3. Propose to restaurants, retail trade to install an e-commerce gateway that transforms any site into an "e-commerce" (example: Ecwid, Foxy cart, Webflow e-commerce).
  4. Helping companies transform their physical service into an online service.
  5. Preparing a PDF/video document to help companies go digital
  6. Create a website to help businesses reinvent themselves as quickly as possible
  7. Add a string to your bow and offer content creation for social networks.
  8. Complete the form Google my business for free

"The list is not exhaustive and if you also have other ideas, don't hesitate to add it as a comment, I'll update the article as I go along!"

I sincerely hope this article is shared a MAX, because it is our duty as web designers to help companies in these difficult times.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

To your Web Success!

Kevin Palombo from Happydesk

P.S. If we are not yet logged on to Instagram...follow me. You can also find me on Facebook and Linkedin !

Come back to this page whenever you want. Did you come up with any ideas I might have forgotten? If so, what are they? Leave a comment below or send an email to hello@happydesk.be.
Kevin Palombo, Manager of Happydesk.

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