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I'm on Malt, are you?

Malt What's it actually? This French linking platform is now also active in Belgium and promises a bright future for freelancers.

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I'm on Malt, are you? Happy Desk

Malt What's it actually? Well, it's like eating Smacks but with a big spoon. As a freelancer, it's not always easy to be credible and get noticed, that's where Malt comes in. This French linking platform is now also active in Belgium and promises a bright future for us freelancers.

When I first started, the first thing I thought was important to do was to create contacts to expand my client portfolio. So I took some business cards and prepared a very simple little gift, a PEZ. Just to mark the prospects I meet.

A PTEZ offered for an interested prospect

Malt was not yet available in Belgium, so I started at the "start" box. I wanted to make websites, and so, without any strategy, I walked a shopping street in Brussels looking for merchants wanting a website.

Prospecting in this way was very rewarding, eventually I tried to see what the internet could offer me.

There's a beginning to everything

The Malt platform makes it much easier to connect with large customers. It's not just a platform with freelancers and clients. Malt is an ecosystem to make life easier for freelancers.

For example, they also take care of the entire administrative part, including the follow-up of the payment. What a pleasure to work independently and to be assured of having payment on time and on time!

I'm on Malt, are you? Happy Desk
Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

There is a Youtube video in which I describe this at the bottom of the article. Support me by subscting to the YouTube channel "Happy Desk Design"

Ultra-complete profile!

To register on Malt you must take care to send all the necessary legal documents. It takes a few minutes, but the site is really well done. And it is thanks to this follow-up that makes Malt a very good platform!

Once your Malt profile is validated all you have to do is fill in your profile with a profile picture, your preferences, your talents, your projects, customer recommendations,...

If you're curious to see my profile, it's here

I discovered Malt by chance

I tested a few freelance platforms before Malt, but I found that they did not have a long-term vision for freelancers. A big negative that I have encountered on other platforms is for example the price war that makes you end up working for not much and that in the long run it is not tenable.

It was while chatting with a friend that I discovered Malt. I also find that his profile is particularly very complete Sébastien Plassiard

There's even a Malt Blog, https://blog.malt.fr/

More and more relationship platforms are re-emerged today. I think if you're a freelancer, signing up on one of them can be a good lever for your career as freelancers. If you know of others that are worth it, don't hesitate to share in comment. And don't forget to get people talking about yourself on social media too!

YouTube: I'm on Malt, and you?

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