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How to integrate Pipedrive CRM on Webflow?

Do you use CRM for your business? I found what I need: Pipedrive. I also managed to integrate Pipedrive CRM on Webflow.

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integrate pipedrive CRM on Webflow
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Tell me, how do you manage your clients and prospects? Do you do it manually, with excel files, classic email inboxes, calendar... or automatically, with the help of a CRM? Maybe you are thinking about changing your CRM, or are you still looking for the most adapted to your activity? I have found what I need at Pipedrive. I even managed to integrate Pipedrive CRM on Webflow. You probably want to know how. But first, I will explain the need to use a CRM.

integrate pipedrive CRM on Webflow
Photo by Louis Hansel Shotsoflouis on Unsplash

Why Pipedrive?

Not only is it available at an affordable price, but it can also be easily integrated into Webflow. So, if your prospects or customers contact you via your site, you will automatically have their contact information in your Pipedrive.

Maybe you are wondering if the basic features of Pipedrive are sufficient or not. I advise you to try it, and see if you need to pay extra for particular tools.

Pipedrive also allows you to do several tasks at the same time (especially since these 3 years that I have been using it, I have not stopped noticing evolutions in them). For some time now, still via its dashboard, you can automate your emails, organize your appointments ... But back to the basics: how to integrate Pipedrive CRM on Webflow?

There is a Youtube video in which I describe this at the bottom of the article. Support me by subscting to the YouTube channel "Happy Desk Design"

integrate pipedrive CRM on Webflow
Photo by Estudio Bloom Unsplash

Tips to integrate Pipedrive CRM on Webflow

You'll obviously need a Pipedrive account. If you haven't registered yet, and you are convinced of the advantages it offers, what are you waiting for ;) Same for Webflow.

Then you'll have access to your dashboard. As you can see in the video I made about Pipedrive, on your dashboard, there will be various tabs:

  • lead
  • email
  • activities
  • contact
  • product
  • evolution

But what interests us most here (to integrate Pipedrive CRM on Webflow) is the sidebar on the left. Then go to Tools, and then: Webform. This option will help you to create a 100% customized form! Just click on the "create a form" button. You then add the fields you need (last name, first name, company, etc.). The language you use can even be specified.

What's up? Are you satisfied with the form? If so, click on the "save" button. Either copy the link or copy the snippet code. Everyone you send the link to will be able to fill out the form. Obviously, all the data will be saved on Pipedrive. The only drawback in this case is that your form will be impersonal (no logo or photos). Hence the interest of integrating Pipedrive CRM on Webflow. And for this, you need the snippet code.

integrate pipedrive CRM on Webflow
Photo by Klara Kulikova on Unsplash

The actual integration on Webflow

Now it's time to link your Pipedrive account to your webflow website. On which page would you like to insert the form? Your contact page, maybe? Then go there.

In the bar on the left, you go to "add". Then look for the "component" tab, and finally, embed code (which means snippet code). Drag it to the part where you want to insert the form. And you just have to copy the code. To view it, just click on publish, and go to the site in question.

It's already a great thing to have passed this stage. Only, I think it would be better to customize it a little bit, so that it conforms to the rest of the design of your website. I'll show you in video how to do it!

Integrating Pipedrive CRM on Webflow has never been easier! You can do it without code, but still, quickly. You don't need a ready-made website to get started. Why not start training on a blank page, like I did?

YouTube : Integrate Pipedrive on Webflow

Come back to this page whenever you want. Did you come up with any ideas I might have forgotten? If so, what are they? Leave a comment below or send an email to hello@happydesk.be.
Kevin Palombo, Manager of Happydesk.

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