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Freelance, 5 reasons to use a CRM

Here are 5 reasons that made me realize that a CRM has quickly become indispensable to the growth of my business.

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Freelance, 5 reasons to use a Happy Desk CRM
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If you don't know it yet, CRM means Customer Relationship Manager. Okay, but what is it? A CRM is software that simply makes your life easier! It's a little virtual assistant that helps you remember nothing, save you time, follow your prospects, be more efficient and productive, and that's not all! Here are 5 reasons that made me realize that this tool has quickly become indispensable to the growth of my business.

If you've never heard of CRM or briefly, but you think this tool isn't for you, then I sincerely invite you to read the following! As you believe it, this tool is an indispensable tool for any entrepreneur who wants to grow in his business.

1. Your virtual assistant

Here's a little situation, imagine, you're working on a project and a prospect calls you to set up an appointment. If you work without CRM, what would be your first reflex? You'd be looking for the first availability in your Google, Apple, maybe paper calendar? Make me have comment, it would be interesting to share this together!

With a CRM, here's how I react:

In front of my pc or smartphone, I ask him a few questions about his needs. If the prospect matches my target and I feel that I have all the skills to carry out his project, I open my CRM and introduce the following data: - Name / First name / Company contact, Phone number, email address, I also add a description of the project and, if possible, a budget and a time frame for implementation.

Finally, we always schedule appointments using my CRM. So I can continue my work without worrying about a possible forgetfulness or data loss.

Here, I just created, in a few clicks, a complete sheet about a potential client and an appointment. This manipulation will allow me to follow the evolution of this client's project without forgetting any stage of my sales process.

2. Tracking your progress

Thanks to a CRM, tracking the progress of your business can be done in several ways. You can track the number of calls made, or the number of emails sent, that's one thing. Even more interesting, it allows you to track the number of "Deals" won or lost. These are essential elements when you want to advance your business. In a way, a CRM allows you to see your shortcomings at this or that stage of your sales process which is not negligible because it allows you to identify your weaknesses and improve them.

Depending on the CRM, the statistics and objectives available can be a good way to motivate you to try to do better every time.

Freelance, 5 reasons to use a Happy Desk CRM
Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash

3. A view of your business in just a few clicks

As the days and weeks go by, work accumulates and it is easy to forget an appointment, an item or some details of an ongoing project. Which, we agree, discredits us professionally speaking to the customer. We can quickly lose our footing and not know how to put all our energy into our core business! Well, there are no 36 solutions, you have to organize! Structure your schedule and have an overview of the work to be done.

With a CRM, each client is tied to a project that is linked to an offer that is linked to a schedule. This means that I am ultra efficient lying each project and has an easy-to-access history in case of forgetfulness. If I have any doubt, just go on the plug of my contact and I find all the work to be done and the history of the completed work.

4. Convert more leads

Between the time you meet your prospect and the time he signs your offer there can be a period ranging from 2 to 6 months. It's extreme, I admit, but all this to tell you that thanks to a CRM, you will be able to follow closely every step of your sales process.

In principle, a CRM offers a practical "Kanban" view that gives you a perspective on each planned step. Your prospect will go from the "make an appointment" step to the "sent quote" step to reach the "project won" stage. And this thanks to your little virtual assistant who will have you support during all these steps, great right?

In short, an ultra-convenient view that allows you to manage 5-10 quotes at the same time without losing the thread.

Freelance, 5 reasons to use a Happy Desk CRM
Photo by bruce march on Unsplash

5. Makes communication easier

With your CRM connected to your inbox, every email you send will be linked to an offer and you'll be able to keep an overview when you have your customer at the end of the phone.

There is a Youtube video in which I describe this at the bottom of the article. Support me by subscting to the YouTube channel "Happy Desk Design"

Indeed, having a CRM has a cost, which for my part is very quickly profitable in converting Cold lead into satisfied customer! A CRM is your virtual assistant for a successful customer experience while making your life easier. Today, I couldn't do without my CRM because I would waste a lot of time sorting my files and keeping my professionalism with every request.


Come back to this page whenever you want. Have you found any advice that I might have forgotten when writing? If so, what are they? Leave a comment below or email hello@happydesk.be
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