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Fosbury and Sons (Boitsfort), coworking area

Fosbury and Sons (Boitsfort) is a coworking space dedicated to everyone, namely: entrepreneurs, self-employed workers, etc.

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Fosbury and Sons (Boitsfort)
Photo belonging to Fosbury&Sons, photographer

Fosbury and Sons (Boitsfort) is a coworking space dedicated to everyone, namely: entrepreneurs, self-employed workers, etc. Entrepreneurs often come here, whether they manage large companies or startups. And you? Why don't you come and take a look at it?


Fosbury&Sons has offices in several locations. As for Brussels, the one we are interested in is located in Boitsfort, more precisely at: Chaussée de la Hulpe 185, 1170 Watermael. That way, you won't have a hard time looking for it. In addition, it is easily accessible. You can, therefore, bring your car.

Coffee break - Lunch

Did you know that a restaurant and a bar are present in Fosbury and Sons (Boitsfort)? If you decide to have breakfast there, you are welcome! A whole range of sweets will be on hand. The same goes for lunch and the afternoon. And if you have a specific request to make (for the meetings you organize, among others), the kitchen team will be all ears. Even non-members can access it, but it is advisable to make a reservation.

Events - Meetups

Professional events are organized by Fosbury&Sons. Most of them are dedicated to members, and by invitation (we will discuss them in the next paragraph). But this space is not only limited to professional events. To show that it is flourishing (similarly for its members), it sometimes organizes cultural and social events. Isn't that tempting?

To be aware of everything that's going on there, and not to miss anything, visit this page from time to time: https://fosburyandsons.com/events?location=boitsfort


All Fosbury and Sons (Boitsfort) offices are personalized, but above all: equipped with everything you need. Moreover, you have a lot of choices as to the type of space you want: flexible office, classic office, private office, workshop... In addition, you will have the opportunity to join a network, via the digital platform of the coworking area. This integration will be by invitation, and you will see: the welcome can only be warm.


Being part of human nature: making others happy. This is why each of us wants to belong to a society (whether it is a team, an association, etc.). Fortunately, in a professional environment, there are coworking areas. It would still simply have to be corporate. And that's what Fosbury&Sons promises! All the offices, meeting rooms, kitchens... at Fosbury&This is proven by the fact.

At your disposal

You will have access to many beautiful things (not only offices of all kinds - which is already very attractive), but the Fosbury and Sons (Boitsfort) team also makes sure that you are comfortable in their home. Thus, a chef takes care of everything, and you will also have at your disposal: fresh fruit, coffee barista, filtered water...

Let's now talk about the equipment that is present: there is indeed high-speed Internet access. Since it is a coworking area, it is obvious that there are meeting rooms. Know that by becoming a member, you benefit from a discount, by renting them (to welcome your customers, to gather your team...).

Fosbury and Sons (Boitsfort)
Photo belonging to Fosbury&Sons, photographer

and Sons (Boitsfort) is one of the coworking spaces that knows what professionals want: well organized offices with everything you need! This will ensure productivity: at Fosbury&Sons, you can say goodbye to lost hours of interruptions and distractions.

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