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Espace coworking Spaces (Beillard)

There is nothing like the coworking Spaces (Beillard) space for a productive day! It is located in the heart of Brussels city centre. Explanations.

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Espace coworking Spaces (Beillard)
Espace coworking Spaces (Beillard)

There is nothing like the coworking Spaces (Beillard) space for a productive day! It is located in the heart of Brussels' city centre, which gives it a modern feel. The external appearance of the building itself creates a very corporate atmosphere. Its interior only supports the latter, let's take the library as an example: an interesting mix between calm and business is present there! Moreover, comfort is there!

1. Accessibility

To get to the coworking Spaces (Beillard) area, there is nothing very difficult. As I just told you, it is located in the heart of the city. All you have to do is use your bike, your electronic scooters... Or: go by public transport! Simple, but as economical as it is practical!

Fortunately, for those who decide to take their private vehicle with them, they have at their disposal some private paid parking around the coworking area!

2. Coffee Break - Lunch

Didn't you have time for breakfast? Because the coworking space Spaces (Beillard) offers you some. Even better: it provides you with an interior courtyard with terrace and greenery! Isn't it wonderful to be able to have breakfast there? You can also go there at other times of the day, for example for lunch.

But first, get everything you need in the coworking space Spaces (Beillard) itself. In the middle, easily accessible, is a coffee corner: only delicious preparations (granola, yoghurt, fruit, coffee, pastries, salad bar by weight, other homemade preparations...). To top it all off, a barista from the coffee shop will be there.

3. Events & Meetups

Of course, the coworking Spaces (Beillard) space does not yet organize many events for the moment, but it will not be long in coming. To keep up to date on the latest news on this subject, visit the following page from time to time: https://www.spacesworks.com/community/

On their blog also (magazine spaces): https://www.spacesworks.com/community/magazine/

4. Friendliness

Although most people are in the offices on the upper floors, you will immediately be greeted (warmly) by a few team members as soon as you walk through the front door of the building. You will even be offered a guided tour if you are only coming for the first time.

In addition, the rush takes place at noon; it is the time when everyone gathers to enjoy the salad bar. At that moment, the atmosphere becomes all the more pleasant, always with a touch of corporate spirit. Indeed, the place is excellent for enjoying the comings and goings of the rather cosmopolitan public.

5. Corporate

If most of the offices are on the first floor, the ground floor is not to be outdone! Indeed, various meeting rooms and friendly alcoves are present, and you can easily welcome your customers.

But it is not mandatory. You can also take them to the other parts of the cowworking space Space (Beillard), to the small lounges, the coffee shop, the outdoor area, the inner courtyard...

6. At your disposal

Now you can say goodbye to the deafening calms of your home when you are alone in front of your computer screen. While some people like such a situation, others prefer the atmosphere of coworking spaces. In the coworking space Spaces (Beillard) for example, a rather active atmosphere is present! The premises are in motion all day long.

In addition, in your spare time, you will have the opportunity to discover beautiful books; they are indeed placed everywhere, on tables and shelves. And if at times you need some peace and quiet, there is always the inner courtyard and the green space.

Espace coworking Spaces (Beillard)
Espace coworking Spaces (Beillard)

7. Community

Currently, I have not had the opportunity to have more information about the community. However, one thing is certain: the community is growing! I noticed this after an analysis of the blog and events around the world.

you go to the coworking space Spaces (Beillard), you won't regret it! It offers a corporate and comfortable atmosphere. A coffee shop in the centre of the active space is present; not to mention the library and the modern and cozy look of the whole.

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