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Coworking, 1 day at The Mug

Are you still looking for another coworking space? In that case, I'm happy to introduce you to another one: The Mug. It is located in Flagey.

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The Mug
Photo belonging to The Mug, photographer

Are you still looking for another coworking space? In that case, I'm happy to introduce you to another one: The Mug. It is located in Flagey. Besides, why not do a test day which is 25 €?

Accessibility to The Mug

Access to The Muge is no problem! Indeed, you can choose between:

  • go by public transport (The Mug is served by many transports);
  • get there by your own car.

Coffee break - Lunch

The name of this coworking area already says a lot about the coffee break and lunch offered there. Get your mug, and use the organic coffee machine! Mmmm, that's good.... Two small kitchens are also in place, enough space for everyone!

In addition, there are also other nice places for lunch and afterwork 200m from The Mug (Place Flagey).

Events - Meetups

As a coworking area, The Mug regularly organizes events. Do you want to be on the lookout for each of them? In this case, do not hesitate to visit their website from time to time: http://www.themug.be/schuman/events/


The coworkers who go to The Mug are all nice! They will welcome you with open arms, even on the first day. But the atmosphere of the place is not only limited to what the coworkers create. The premises in question also contribute to giving a whole new atmosphere: a 4-storey Brussels house, rather old, but that's what also gives it its charm!


As with any coworking space, a meeting room will be at your disposal. Of course, the atmosphere in the room is rather calm, but isn't there anything better than meeting in such a place to discuss professional matters? Yes, you can take your customers there.

As meeting rooms, they can also accommodate workshops, courses, seminars... If you are a member of The Mug, these rooms will be at your disposal for free! Moreover, room reservations can be made here: https://themug.cowork.io/buy/

The Mug
Photo belonging to The Mug, photographer

At your disposal

The comfort at The Mug is certainly quite limited, but it is adapted to the price offered. Indeed, the price is 30% cheaper than other coworking spaces. In short, if you are looking for a cheaper coworking space, you have found it today!

to all these advantages offered by The Mug, the proposed rate is really affordable. Isn't it time to decide?;)

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