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Coworking, 1 day at Buzzy Nest

Buzzy Nest is quite different as a coworking space! Its geographical location, for example, is one of its major assets. Are there any others?

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Buzzy Nest
Photo belonging to Buzzy Nest, photographer

Buzzy Nest is quite different as a coworking space! Its geographical location, for example, is one of its major assets. Why is that so? It is located in the heart of the private domain, in La Hulpe, hence the green landscape around it. Its decoration is also unique, because it is of the "pop culture and 90s" type. Indeed, Mickeys are everywhere! And it propels us into a whole new world: our childhood. If you are a fan of superheroes, video games, mickey, Tintin... etc., this place will be a real source of inspiration for you.

Buzzy Nest also has other qualities just as interesting as the ones we have just mentioned. Ready to hear them? In that case, let's continue reading together!


Buzzy Nest is not only surrounded by beautiful things, its seat is itself out of the ordinary (and that's what makes it so beautiful). The building is indeed located in the centre of the estate, which gives an idea that it is the private residence of Batman and Robin.

How to access it? Easy: simply take your car with you! And if you don't have one, take public transit. Moreover, a bus stop is located at the very exit of the estate.

Buzzy Nest
Photo belonging to Buzzy Nest, photographer

Coffee break - Lunch

Inside, the decorations are not to be outdone (even in the Café & Lunch break room). In short, throughout the day, no matter what room you are in, as long as you are in the Buzzy Nest estate, you will enjoy a very pleasant decoration.

In addition, a free coffee machine is available for your coffee and lunch moments. Also, don't forget the daily foodruck. It is also possible to order a filled sandwich delivered at no extra cost.

Events - Meetups

Buzzy Nest offers some after work events in the "Buzzy Bar" section, located in the heart of the coworking area. Conferences are also held from time to time in the "Hergé conference room", not to mention meetings and other events of all kinds.

I'm sure you're very curious about the types of events there. Then go to: http://www.buzzynest.com/fr/agenda.cfm

Buzzy Nest
Photo belonging to Buzzy Nest, photographer


Thanks to manager Charlotte! She welcomed me warmly! She immediately asked me to take a tour of the owner. As for the coworkers, they are all friendly and super friendly! In short, a relaxed atmosphere, giving the place a magical feel...

Photo belonging to Buzzy Nest, photographer


Apart from the meeting rooms, you can occupy the small lounges for your possible appointments. However, you should know that there are several meeting rooms, and that each one is different according to their decoration: Arcade, Loft, BrainBox.... The latter, for example, is for sober appointments.

I will not be able to list all of Buzzy Nest's meeting rooms in this article. Why not discover them yourself, by going to the next page: http://www.buzzynest.com/fr/meetings.cfm?

At your disposal

As I have said quite often since the beginning of this article, Buzzy Nest has an unparalleled decoration (such as pop culture). It's not the only thing you'll find there. There is also the greenery of the environment in which it fits, which is an undeniable quality!

Buzzy Nest
Photo belonging to Buzzy Nest, photographer

ConclusionIn short
, you will certainly feel comfortable at Buzzy Nest! Decoration is part of it, but not only: the atmosphere and responsiveness of everyone around you also contribute to it! Of course, there is a cool attitude there, but that doesn't mean that we don't work there. On the contrary, all this is a source of motivation for everyone. The goal of a coworking space being to advance its business, Buzzy Nest perfectly meets these conditions!

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