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Understanding influencer marketing

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Initially seen as a passing trend, "influencer marketing" becomes a lever, in its own right, to boost brand sales in contrast to advertising, which is perceived as too intrusive.

But do you know what an influencer is?

This is a person who can influence consumer behaviour by his position, his status, his media awareness. There are more and more of them in the fields of nutrition, natural cosmetics, dietary supplements... By partnering with an influencer, you improve your notoriety and, by the same toe, your sales!

How do you choose your influencer?

It is essential to choose the influencer that matches your brand. It must be in line with your values, your philosophy and your products. His personality, skills and know-how must match your company's brand image. You must also take into account the audience that follows him, its authenticity, the quality of the content it publishes but also, and above all, its commitment. 95.2% of them use Instagram to place products.

A new lever to focus on

They are a modern means of communication. Influencers usually have a special relationship with their audience. They offer a guarantee of trust and commitment. Your influencer must therefore have a recognized personality and have a large audience. Its integration into your digital strategy must be natural and go beyond the "sell at all costs" aspect.

The partnership can take different forms: event, contests, articles/videos sponsored unboxing (video made at the time of unpacking of the product)... Consumers are increasingly following the opinions of influencers rather than mass advertising.

Collaborating with an influencer is a winning strategy because it improves your notoriety, recommends you to its audience and increases your sales.


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