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How to optimize your presence on Instagram?

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Facebook's success is such that it has become much more difficult to have good visibility. Instagram has since become a social network for brands. It allows you to reach a community directly interested in your products. Here are 6 points to help you in this process:

1. Instagram from your computer

It is officially only possible to post photos on Instagram from a smartphone. However, one trick allows you to connect to Instagram with a computer by making the social network servers believe that you are using a smartphone. This is a Chrome plugin that you'll find here: Desktop for Instagram


2. Schedule your publications with the professional profile

The professional profile tells users that you are a company, a brand or an influencer. But by activating your business profile, you can also program your posts without mandatory validation from a smartphone.


3. Automate #Hastags

Some social networks penalize too many hashtags. On Instagram, tags are very important. A post with a hashtag will be viewed on average 12.6% more than without a hashtag. The limit for hashtags is 30 for posts and 10 for stories. Instagram has also been tracking hashtags in recent months. In addition, the 'O's can be found in Google's results.


4. Enjoy the personalized feed

Instagram has been implementing a personalized feed since 2016. Your posts will appear first on the News Feed of followers who have already left you a comment. So encourage your followers to interact with your posts and, of course, respond to them!


5. New sharing of posts

Now it's possible to share News Feed posts on Stories. By encouraging your followers to share your posts, you'll get an increase in your visibility.


6. Video or photo?

The ranking is based solely on follower preferences. News Feed doesn't make a difference between videos and photos. However, a user who has indicated their preference for videos will receive more videos on their News Feed, the same for photos.

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