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How do I create your custom and connected website?

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Thanks to my experience, I have set up a clear and easy 5-step method!

Here's my method for a smooth realization from the beginning to the upload:  

1. The Vision

In our first interview, we set the website's objectives and the target audience. These criteria determine the principles of navigation, web pages, services offered and published content.

2. Structure

It helps to determine the SEO strategies to be put in place. Functional models are then developed and presented for validation or modification.

3. Design

The graphic charter is drawn up to the smallest detail.

4. Development

Once the graphic already made, the programming and integration begin with the creation of different interactions, animations, forms, etc.

5. Online

Once the checks are complete, the website is put online. The links are, once again checked to avoid broken links. Contact forms are tested and data recording checks are carried out.

That's not all...

The pages of social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin ...) are browsed in order to have a presence matched to the site. Tracking the data collected with Google Analytics and other items are also available.

As a Bonus, a training video specially made for your website will be offered to you in order to have at your disposal a video that you can see and review at any time.

If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments

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