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Adapt your advertising campaigns to your website

There was a time when I spent money to make nothing in the end. How about you? If that's the case with you or your clients, here are some tips.

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Have you ever been asked to do a Google Ads commercial for a company? Me, yes, a few years ago. The client confided to me that day that he had already spent a lot of money, but nobody called him. So how do you advertise successfully on Google and social networks?

You must already have a website

The basis is already to have a website. So I asked him if he had one, he said: of course he did.

So, if you (or your client) don't have a website yet, and yet you want to get started with your advertising strategy, I advise you to create a website first.

Let's get back to my little story. I then analyzed this client's website in just 30 seconds. This is the average time a user spends on a website before deciding whether or not to continue browsing.

You know what I saw? It was a CA-TAS-TRO-PHE!

How to adapt a website to advertisements?

For my client's site, I immediately noticed some very big mistakes! Here they are:

  1. The site is not responsive. A responsive site can adapt to all screen sizes (smartphones, tablets and desktops). As most people surf the web via their mobile phone, they will pass by your site once they arrive if it is not responsive.
  2. The image on the home page doesn't say anything. However, through this image, visitors should already be able to identify what your site is about. As I told you earlier, it takes less than 30 seconds for people to decide whether or not to continue browsing (you might as well make them understand from the start what your site is about, what you're proposing...). A short sentence or a call to action can do the trick.
  3. CTA is not attractive enough. While CTAs need to be clear, this does not mean that they should be too simple. For example, "free quote", "quick delivery" and the like are not attractive. Why not use phrases that make you want to click?
  4. The design is not at all up to date. However, they are the most important elements of a website. A warm atmosphere, one that makes visitors want to stay a little longer would be welcome.
  5. The site has an old-fashioned look. It is clear that the site creator was not inspired enough when he designed the site. To avoid this kind of thing, I advise you from time to time to look for inspiration before tackling any project. You don't need to bother yourself anymore; I've already put everything together for you!
  6. The site does not convey a clear message. How will people know what your real purpose is when you expose your site to the general public? Won't they think that staying a few seconds longer on your site would be a waste of time?


In the end, it's not all about advertising. You can make such a successful campaign, but you won't get the desired result if you direct your targets to a poorly made site.

So if you ever meet a client like this, you know what you have to do. Don't just tell him you're going to create a great ad. Instead, talk to him about what's wrong with his site, which may explain why his ads don't work the way he would have wanted them to.

So I could just take his request into account and make him think that the ad that "I" will create will be better. I explain to him what he's not going black and white.

This little story also confirms once again that my responsibility as a web service provider is to solve the problems inherent to the business and that you should not start a project at the sole express request of the client .

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