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Why use Wireframe when creating your website?

How often do you hear about business with Wireframe? It's normal, in the world of webdesign. And you wonder what it is?

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Business with Wireframe
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How often do you hear about business with Wireframe? It's normal, in the world of webdesign. And you wonder what it is? Maybe you already have your own idea about it? In fact, I decided to talk to you about this platform today. I'm using it to make a mock-up of my websites.

Business with Wireframe, what is it?

First of all, Wireframe is a modeling tool to create a website. Moreover, in French, it is translated by "maquette fonctionnelle" (functional model). Then, the model is the skeleton of a website, the base of a page. Some people also translate it as a diagram of a page (and sometimes of a mobile application).

Indeed, with Wireframe platforms, one can easily visualize the main components of a page: text zones, location of images, videos, links and other graphic elements.

Before tackling your business, you need to start by designing a Wireframe draft. So you can do it quickly and clearly. Business with Wireframe is also an opportunity to put your creativity to work!

There is a Youtube video in which I describe this at the bottom of the article. Support me by subscting to the YouTube channel "Happy Desk Design"

Business with Wireframe
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The advantages of Wireframe for your business

I talked about creativity earlier in this article. In webdesign, this point is very important. Wireframe will then allow you to realize your ideas, and then you can easily communicate with your customers. I must admit that explaining your ideas is not always easy!

Wireframe business moves faster. I'll give you an example: when you talk to your customers, just send them a ready-made mock-up. They can then get an overview of the project as you go along. If he doesn't like the structure of the page, he can say so before you go any further. In short, you save time and productivity!

One of the biggest advantages of one of the tools I use (platforma.ws) is also the fact that it is compatible with several web design software such as Figma, Sketch, Adobe Xd or Boostrap.

On their platform, you will have access to several tutorials to learn, examples of websites to inspire you, and many others. It also keeps getting better and better! As a proof, their team launches new versions of their platform from time to time.

Business with Wireframe
Photo by 5second

How much does it cost to register?

Registration on platforma.ws is subject to a fee. For full access to the features, you have to spend $159. What you're most interested in is the web plan, right? It's available for 68 dollars :) !

Do you know that you can use it for free ;) In fact, those who follow my training have the chance to conduct their business with wireframe in the beginning. They can access it for free. It's included in my offer. I invite you to visit my training page if you want to know more.

Business with Wireframe
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There are several website design platforms, but the one I use the most is platforma.ws. Anyway, using wireframe for your business is more than advantageous: productivity and time saving. Do you have any other ideas about the tools you use? Don't hesitate to suggest them, I'm all ears :)

YouTube: Use Wireframe for your business

Come back to this page whenever you want. Did you come up with any ideas I might have forgotten? If so, what are they? Leave a comment below or send an email to hello@happydesk.be.
Kevin Palombo, Manager of Happydesk.

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