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5 Websites to find inspiration

In need of inspiration for your new website? In search of innovation or modernity? I've put together five sites for you that I'm going through.

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5 Websites to find Inspiration Happy Desk
In need of inspiration for your new website? In search of innovation or modernity? I have gathered for you 5 sites that I travel frequently and that inspire me personally.

When you want to innovate, often the first reflex is to seek inspiration. It's perfectly normal! Nowadays, each project is the interweaving of several ideas, styles and trends.

To make your life easier and find inspirational sites that can make your website the most beautiful, the most pep's, the most "Wow", here are 5 addresses:

#1: Https://www.pinterest.com Pinterest

Yes, Pinterest is the first appointment to find some leads. There's a little bit of everything, which is why you have to adjust the words of your search by "theme". What I do for example: nature webdesign, modern webdesign,...

nature webdesign

#2: Inspire https://www.siteinspire.com/ Site

Well known, Site Inspires adds a few new examples every day. There is a handy search filter that allows you to sort through "Style," "Type," "Subject" and "Platform." In my opinion, the inspiration for your website will be more focused on "Graphics". There is a beautiful inspirational series with "Large" and "Percutant" typographies.

#3: Call to ideahttps://calltoidea.com/

This inspirational website has the particularity of filtering by "page" or "element". If you are looking for inspiration for a page of your specific website, this is the must-see address. You'll find items like "Form" "Sliders""Stats""Login""Contact".

#4: Land Book https://land-book.com/

This website inspiration site is quite convenient, as it has asearch filter by "Landing Page," "Portfolio," "Blog," "Stores." Every day there are new website addresses available. The looks are modern and up-to-date.

#5: Lapa Ninja https://www.lapa.ninja/

A must-see nowadays, this website offers us a wide choice of inspiration from landing pages. There are currently 1836 sites (2019) and has a well-stocked search filter offeringwebsites "Ecommerce," "Finance," "RealEstateAgency," "Creative," "InteriorDesign"and much more still.

Plus: For designers, there is also a wide selection of "Free" book to perfect your knowledge.


these are my 5 inspirational websites that I travel before each project. There are probably other very interesting inspirational sites. Don't hesitate to share them in the comments.

What you should keep in mind is that it is your site that will make all the difference with photos taken by a professional photographer, illustrations specific to your visual identity and a clear message that can strengthen your branding.

Come back to this page whenever you want. Have you found any advice that I might have forgotten when writing? If so, what are they? Leave a comment below or email hello@happydesk.be Kevin Palombo, Happy DeskManager.
Kevin Palombo, Happy Desk Manager

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