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5 essential elements on a website

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Today, we have a thousand choices for our marketing campaigns. With this wide digital choice, we can attract the attention of customers simply by investing in digital media. An excellent digital presence starts with a clear and effective website.

Your website isn't the only player we need to motivate buyers, but it's usually the one that does most of the work.

You have to keep it simple

Here are 5 essentials that need to be found on your website:

1. A headline

Do you know that on average, a visitor stays less than 2 minutes on a website? That's why in less than 10 seconds your visitor needs to understand what you're doing and what you need to bring. This can be done with a title in the form of a simple sentence to understand and highlighted clearly on the first page of your website.

2. An obvious call to action

To guide your visitor to action, it is essential that the "Call-to-Action" button be clear and placed, according to statistics, in the upper right corner and in the center of your website.

3. Image of success

Everyone wants to experience a better life in one way or another and, while it may seem simple, images of people smiling or seemingly satisfied speak to us. They are an emotional destination to which we would like to go.

4. Be clear in the message

A common challenge for many companies is that they simply have to communicate about what they are doing, but they have so diversified their sources of income that they have difficulty knowing where to start. The key is clarity. When we divide our divisions so that people can understand what we offer,

5. Very few words

For the experience, let's see if you can cut half the words off your website. Can you replace part of your text with images?

I invite you to analyze your website and check if it has these 5 elements. These are not the only ones, but at least you will have already taken a step towards a clear and effective website.

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