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Web Designer, the 5 required skills

Becoming a Web Designer is not a snap if you consider the skills that are required to be manifested and manipulated throughout your career.

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5 Skills to Be Web Designer - Happy Desk
Photo by Walter Lee Olivares de la Cruz on Unsplash

Becoming a Web Designer is not a snap if you consider the skills that are required to be manifested and manipulated throughout your career. Above all, watching out the latest trends and buzzes becomes imperative, keeping in mind not to pursue them blindly!

As a web designer, I am very well aware of how to solve business problems through innovative designs, taking into account a long-term vision. Here, I’ll explain the 5 skills that a web designer must have to help him evolve through future trends and innovations.

1. Versatility - a Must for Graphic Designers:

To have a broad but lasting vision, you should possess a wide range of designing skills. In other words, you'll have to be versatile. It is like mastering the basic techniques of graphics, printing, photography, video, and 3D as well.

This is the smartest way to have a global perspective and meet the diverse expectations of the client such as advising, solving their problems, etc.

5 Skills to Be Web Designer - Happy Desk
Photo by Jez Timms on Unsplash

2. Relevant Questioning Expertise:

When I started as a web designer, working on a project about the wheel once, I ignored the important things to ask from my client, like the purpose and motivation behind the application. Instead, I focussed on the colors and moods. That didn’t lead to an appealing design, for sure.

Try to identify the real heart problem by asking the most relevant questions, this is what I suggest now. Only then you’ll be able to propose the most appropriate and obviously the most fruitful solution.

5 Skills to Be Web Designer - Happy Desk
Photo by Johann Trasch on Unsplash

3. A Strategic Vision:

Technology is evolving at a brisk pace, demanding a web designer to have a long-term global vision. It helps him to set his strategies in a relevant way, and of course, avoiding the troubles he faces achieving the goals he has previously set for himself.

To work more efficiently, continuity is pivotal! Hence there’s a need to have a methodology of your own allowing you to question yourself on a regular basis. If necessary, the strategy can be adjusted accordingly.

4. Continuous Learning:

For a web designer, continuous learning is the key to success! But it's not enough to learn something and apply the same method repeatedly throughout your life. I advise you to be curious and willing to enhance your skills by learning something new every time. To stay updated, books or the internet can be a great source of information.

To share a list of interesting and relevant books, please follow my personal page at www.happydesk.be/suggestions. Take a look to grab one of your interest!

5 Skills to Be Web Designer - Happy Desk
Photo by Sandra Seitamaa on Unsplash

5. Regular Workshops or Meetups:

I got to know that one of the most rewarding methods a web designer can adopt is the exchange of knowledge during workshops or meetups. That's the reason I organize a Meetup every month so that we can talk about the subject and learn from the mistakes of each other. This way, you can avail the opportunity to have the other professionals’ opinions(whether they are web designer or not) and to share the problems either on a current project or one related to the overall business.

Conclusion: Continuous learning, exchanging and sharing the views are great ways to explore new horizons (comprising other professionals and various skills) that will certainly serve you in the future of web designing. So all you have to do, is turning every new encounter into an opportunity to be in "I listen, I learn and I move on" mode.

Come back to this page whenever you want. Have you found something I might be forgetting? If so, let me know what’s that? Leave a comment below or email hello@happydesk.be
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