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10 reasons to have a website in 2019

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If your business doesn't have a website, its livelihood is very compromised. Today, it is essential to have a website. It makes it easier to contact you but also to expand your customer base and thus achieve your goals.

Why have a website on the internet?

1. Accessible at any time

Your website is never closed and is accessible from anywhere in the world, no matter what time of day. Your customers can order, leave a message and quickly find the information they're looking for.


2. A profitable investment

Better customer service and greater notoriety, your website is, in a way, your best salesperson, available at any time to sell or answer visitors' questions.


3. Easier update

Updating your website is simple and inexpensive compared to print media.


4. Unlimited information

Your site can become an unlimited source of information and very useful to your customers and visitors. You can also link an online store.


5. More customers

Because your website is accessible all over the world, your potential customer base is all over the world. You can improve your visibility through online ads, web referencing and social networks.

6. Better credibility

If people don't find you when they search Google, it's like you don't exist!


7. Don't lose any customers or sales

If you are not present on the internet, Internet users will go to your competitors who are there. You lose sales and maybe even customers.


8. Best Customer Service

The addition of a FAQ allows you to answer recurring questions and reserve more complex cases for your phone service. A messenger chat system is also an asset not to be overlooked.


9. Get to know your customers better

Different tools allow you to know your customers' expectations and respond to them in a more relevant way.


10. Inform

You can inform your customers about your news, your latest developments, your promotions, etc.


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