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1 day at Transforma bxl coworking

I continue my experience with Transforma bxl coworking, another coworking space. If you're also on the lookout for a new place to work, read

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Transforma bxl coworking
Photo belonging to Transforma bxl, photographer

I continue my experience with Transforma bxl coworking. If, like me, you are constantly on the lookout for a new place to work where you can meet other people who are as exciting as they are professional, you will not regret a short jump there.

Besides, I'm delivering you 7 important points you need to know about this place. Perhaps they will help you in your choice. And if you ever decide to visit it, here are his contact details:

Jules Bordet Avenue, 13
B1140 Brussels
Tel: 023 18 19 20



Parking remains one of the most important things for a place like this. If it is not easily accessible, it does not make you want to go there. Fortunately, Transforma bxl coworking fulfils these conditions to the letter; proof being the private car park he owns.

If you don't come with your car, but rather with your bike, a bike shelter will welcome your bike, don't worry!

Coffee break - Lunch

At Transforma bxl coworking, you rest whenever you want! And in the meantime, you're entitled to several cups of free coffee or tea! So you can fuel it as many times as you want (but don't overdo it anyway;) you may get tired of them as they are available galore).

Breaks, you take them wherever you want. But know that there is a common kitchen in which you can go as you wish; cafeteria and relaxation area (TV and game console are present).

Events - Meetups

Like any coworking space, Transforma bxl coworking manages several social networks in order to share interesting topics to create interaction with its followers. Take the case of Facebook, in which it shares different events that will surely keep your interest. In fact, don't hesitate to visit their page to find out more: https://www.facebook.com/pg/TransformaBxl/events/?ref=page_internal.

From what we see, their team keeps scrambling to find interesting events for us. But they don't just look for them, they also organize them!


The simple fact of being in their premises is already very inspiring! Imagine what will be with the warm welcome of the community of entrepreneurs who are already working there. Moreover, when the Transforma bxl coworking team created this space, their goal was pure and simple: to provide access to an ideal work environment.

It seems that she has achieved her goal, because each of their offices inspires me confidence, thus leading me to focus on my activity. But this effort is not only felt at the professional level: social relations with other "workers" are not left out!


One of the biggest problems freelancers have is in their loneliness, especially if they work from home. While some love this concept, others don't like it at all because they need company. This is one of the reasons why the coworking spaces were made.

When you come to Transforma bxl coworking, you'll feel like you're going into a community, but not just any one. Rather, it is a community that appreciates you, in which you can feel at ease. Every morning, when you wake up to go there, you will not feel any negative feelings about it.

At your disposal

As I said earlier, several rooms will be available, including: the communal kitchen, the cafeteria and the relaxation room. But don't settle for the halls. As they say quite often: "make it your home." And this expression remains true to this day at Transforma bxl coworking. Indeed, use all the machines that are available to you.

In addition, various meeting rooms await you! They can hold up to 60 people. In offices, other equipment is available, such as printers, scanners, photocopiers, projectors, etc.

That's not all, Transforma bxl coworking offers these members a Podcast studio and a Photo studio with a green canvas that can be used to create a custom background.

Transforma bxl coworking
Photo belonging to Transforma bxl, photographer

Community at Transforma bxl coworking

Finally, social networks are used for other purposes for Transforma bxl coworking. Above all, their team makes sure to create a quality community. Apart from Facebook, it also manages Twitter, which certainly has several members.

There is nothing more productive than going to a coworking space such as Transforma bxl coworking. Indeed, the environment it offers you is very friendly, not to mention the community that will welcome you warmly, every time you go there!

Come back to this page whenever you want. Have you found any advice that I might have forgotten when writing? If so, what are they? Leave a comment below or email hello@happydesk.be
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