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Coworking, 1 day in Manistal (Louise)

Are you looking for the ideal coworking space? Manistal coworking will interest you! It has a whole range of interesting assets.

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manistal coworking
Photo belonging to Manistal, photographer

Are you looking for the ideal coworking space? In that case, Manistal coworking will interest you! Easily accessible, it is equipped with all the equipment you need without exception. Events are never lacking in this coworking space.

If these few words were not enough to convince you, come and discover, in the course of this reading, other assets that Manostal coworking has in possession:


Located in the heart of Brussels, close to bars, restaurants and trendy coffee bars, Manistal coworking is ideally located. You can access it by public transport, tram and purpose. If you come by car, there are free places in the woods of the room at the winter games car park (Shhh! it's a little well-kept secret). There are also scooters for rent for your short trips located everywhere.

Coffee break - Lunch

The open kitchen area is the ideal place to have coffee and lunch, but not only. We can also talk with the other members of Manistal Coworking around the large table that is present there. A small table football tournament is even possible!

Comfort there, largely due to the ventilation of the space. You'll see, you'll feel comfortable there! I certainly appreciated it very much. I loved the idea that I felt a little bit like home. And by the way, if you enjoy the little sweets and cookies, every week, the mother supplies the fridge with delicious preparations.

Events - Meetups

Manistal coworking is located just above BECI, your social and business partner in Brussels. It is a place where there is not a day without events, conferences, workshops, etc.

Even better, Manistal coworking offers its own events. This makes this coworking space a real support for coworkers; events dealing in particular with topics related to business issues, human relations, accounting, etc. By attending even one of these events, you will have the answers to several interesting questions.

Since this is a coworking area, it is very obvious that private workshops are also held on the premises. To be on the lookout for all the programs of the month, just take a regular look at the posters on the kitchen wall!


The Manistal coworking area is authentic and friendly. It feels good there! I'm certainly not the only one who noticed this, but the different coworkers who work there also think so!

Of course, this place is quiet, but everyone knows everyone else too! As soon as you walk out the door, you are welcomed with open arms! And if you have any questions, each member is listening.

manistal coworking
Photo belonging to Manistal, photographer


Manistal coworking is not only user-friendly, it is also considered to be a prestigious space, especially if we consider your customers. Why is that so? If you have an appointment with one or more of your clients, you have various meeting rooms at your disposal? The most important thing is that we will not impose this or that room on you, you have the choice between the 4 rooms, knowing that the largest can accommodate up to 20 people. As for the other spaces, they are more cosy and perfectly arranged.

At your disposal

Manistal coworking in question is at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Everything in it is also of high quality, including the internet connection. That's right! While staying within the 4 walls of a coworking area, you will have easy access to the outside world thanks to the latter.

Other equally useful equipment is also available, such as a printer, an HD projector, etc. Be aware that you can use them as you wish, and at any time.

you are looking for a place that inspires confidence, Manistal coworking is for you! In addition to being equipped with the necessary equipment to develop your business, it is user-friendly, perfect for the meetings you organize with your customers or simply for your work days!

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