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Are you tired of it?

"I have a billion ideas, but I can't develop them into a real website."

"I've tried CSS, HTML, Javascript
but I don't like the code."

"All I do is create the UI/UX, then I call in a developer."

"I've tried Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix,... but these tools have their limitations and I'm not entirely satisfied."

"I like design, but I don't make enough money. I'm sure I could have a more profitable business,
, but how?"

It's not just you!

would like this...

"I do the mock-ups, design, web-flow development and even basic SEO."

"I have my Macbook Pro and I just bought myself a week in Cancun."

"Now that I've mastered design and development, I'm making a very good living."

"I have fun every day and love working on bigger and bigger projects."

"Thanks to this new skill and thanks to the community, I've reached a new level and I now see BIGGER."

Yes, it is possible!
Don't you believe it?

Then Webflow Expert is for you!

Get started and join our community!

Boost your knowledge and achieve amazing results!
Save hours of research and mistakes that drain your energy and even your money.

The happy.academy learning methodology is based on caring, support, helping each other and sharing. Joining us is the most rewarding and satisfying adventure you can undertake.
read the following...

Would you prefer to work 100 hours to earn 1€, or work 1 hour and earn 1000€?


(I know it's a dumb question - but read on and you'll find out how it will help you multiply your skills and gain an almost unfair advantage over others)

In Europe, the number of Freelance Entrepreneurs is exploding.

Let's talk about age, 52% of Freelancers are millennials, i.e. younger generations between 25 and 40 years old.

"When you're young, you have time but no money, when you're old, it's the opposite. And in any case we spend in any way. " Martin Page

Observing this situation, I wanted to change my way of working, even my way of thinking. To improve my relationship with time and the way I earn money. I read a lot, learned a lot, researched and adopted new tools.

This change had a huge impact on my life, which is why I decided to launch my training course with all that I learned, in order to help people like you and me who want to enjoy life now and not tomorrow!

Interested? I explain you what is the Webflow Expert training and the Happy.academy

Why be part of our community?

"How do you expect me to create a website, I never learned how to code. "

" I'm afraid I don't have enough customers to make a living. "

A Freelance Contractor doesn't make a lot of money. "

I'm good at design but not at coding, it's too complicated for me. "

" Becoming a freelancer? I don't want to be alone behind my desk every day. "

If that's what you think, forget everything and read the following because Happy.academy will show you that all these preconceived ideas are wrong! It prevents you from advancing and starting YOUR career in the digital world!

The Golden Age of Web Design is now!

Over the past several years, many changes have taken place in our culture and in many Technologies leading to a growing demand for skilled, multi-tasking Designers.

Let's take the example of Apple, which has made Design and the customer experience a standard that users now take for granted. Thank you Apple, because this opens the door for your future customers to be predisposed to invest in quality Design.

Thanks to Technology, it is now much easier to start a business, there are now a growing number of companies that need a competent Web Designer to lead their business to their Web Success.

This same Technology and the Internet, allow us as a Freelance Designer to learn and work independently from anywhere in the world. This gives us the opportunity more than ever to earn our living more than honourably and to enjoy intensely the moments dedicated to our family, to us.

Webflow, the discovery that changed my life as a Web Designer!

For the creation of an ordinary Website, you need a Designer who does the Design and a Developer who does the development...

Simple no?

Well not at all!

Because between the vision of a Designer and the vision of a developer, there is a world of difference!

The Designer usually spends many hours and exchanges many emails for a purpose not as perfect as he would have hoped.

But that was before!

For me, everything changed in 2015 when I discovered Webflow literally changed my work process thanks to CON-SI-DE-RABLE time saving!

Webflow is a tool that allows you to code your Website like no other developer would and without any code.

Let me explain, it's not about Wix or Divi which are very limiting platforms in terms of animation and interaction possibilities. This is a professional platform that allows you to save time and therefore more money for a top quality final result.

A Website that I make in 3 to 4 weeks on Wordpress, I do it in less than 4 hours on Webflow, I'll show you how!

I used to work 10 hours a day, 6 days a week for a turnover of 30.000€ a year. Now I earn 200.000€ by reducing my working time to 4 hours a day.

Webflow has literally changed my life! Thanks to this tool, I can be more available for my family while delivering Websites that meet the expectations of my customers.

What can Happy.academy Training do for me more than any other?

It is not just training, it is the training that leads you to success. My goal is not to sell training courses and throw you out into the wild.

My goal is to create a Community of Freelancers who are competent and happy in what they undertake.

To support our Community, a private group has been created to help, support and motivate each other.

" Coffee Breaks " are organised every week to answer questions together and solve the various problems encountered.

At the end of your training, you will have the opportunity to become a Happydesk member which will open doors to many contract opportunities.

No diploma is required, you will just need a bit of passion and perseverance.

This is not only a technical training of Webflow. I also show you how to solve strategic or business problems, how to deliver a project and how to manage your work process from A to Z.

You will have all the keys to a successful freelance career.

But that's not all!

We organize events, called Happy.webevent because feeling less alone strengthens our essence as a leader. Happydesk organizes Events between Freelancers / Entrepreneurs more than motivated to surpass themselves and achieve goals never hoped for. We also organize challenges it's HYPER enriching.

Subscribe to Happy. webnews, it's a newsletter like no other. Real content that reflects the life of an entrepreneur who learns every day and transmits all his discoveries. Beyond the blog articles published every week, you will learn things that will help you to boost yourself and optimize your work day by day. Because we put all our knowledge of the digital world at the disposal of our Community to accompany you in the quest for your Web Success.

2 Happy.video are published on Youtube every week because we share absolutely EVERYTHING at Happydesk with as main topics all the keys to perfect your training.

To feel less alone join the Happy.webflower Community because with such a heterogeneous group of people, coming from so many different places, we bring a unique perspective to everything we do. There is strength in numbers!

Take advantage of our Happy .partner because our experience has allowed us to select the best products, tools, places so that our Web Designer Community can enjoy all these benefits without moderation.

To make your life easier, all these tools are gathered in your dashboard, as soon as you have registered.

Don't hesitate any longer. Go for it!

It's time to get on the train, the Happy.academy Community is growing and growing.

Do you want to be a part of it?

Anyway, there is one person you want to live this adventure with, You.

So your change starts here:

I'm joining the training today

Get on the waiting list.

first come, first served

Happydesk is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy, and we will only use your information to contact you about our products and services.

Thank you! Your place is now reserved!
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Webflow Expert

Whether you have a job right now, or if you are in a period of change, questioning or transition, Webflow EXPERT is for you. This 11-module online training course provides all the essential elements to
the success of your web design career.

Learn with ease

You can be sure that you will do things correctly and in the right order by following an ultra-comprehensive and concrete training.

Coding 100% visually

You will learn to create step by step PRO Websites from your mock-ups while coding visually.

Go beyond your limits

You will be able to create
Websites of 10K and more through a learning environment that will boost you to maximize your growth and results.

Sell your projects

You can be sure that you will do things correctly and in the right order by following an ultra-comprehensive and concrete training.


A thriving business, ready for the future and programmed for the success of you and your customers.

* to be put online progressively in 2021

Module #1

Master the basics of Webflow

Are you a freelancer, or are you about to become one? You are a graphic designer, developer or you simply want to create Web Sites? Are you looking for the ideal tool that will allow you to make this big change in your professional career? Then it's time to get started, because you've found the training you need!

What does that mean to you in concrete terms?

+ You will learn the steps to start Webflow.

+ You will see that it is easy to start Webflow even if you have no experience with Webflow, HTML, CSS or any other form of Website creation.

+ You will erase the preconceived notion that you are not able to create a Website on your own.

What awaits you in this module

Webflow's English-French Lexicon

Webflow VS other platforms (5:32)

Basic HTML / CSS concepts (10:42)

Layout Basics (8:28)

The smartphone and tablet version (3:54)

The Basics of Interaction (3:30)

The basic components of Webflow (22:40)

Symbols (4:24)

Practice: a Webflow demo (23:33)

Module #2

Structure and style

Don't you know where to start? Maybe you think you don't have any logic, structure or stylistic taste? You can learn!

What does that mean to you in concrete terms?

+ You will learn how to structure a functional Website.

+ You will see how to style and highlight elements in Webflow to make the Website super effective and create the WOW effect for your customers.

What awaits you in this module

How to name/styling elements (19:17)

How to structure a website (17:56)

The style guide (14:49)

The Flexbox: advanced layout (18:08)

Solution of the Challenge #1 "Flexbox game" (13:26)

The Grid: advanced layout (7:20)

Positioning modes (12:20)

Adding images and backgrounds (5:25)

Image types (JPEG, SVG, PNG, ...) (5:56)

Detecting and solving a layout problem (4:04)

Shortcuts/Hack Webflow to know

Add Fontawesome to Webflow (5:59)

Module #3

Creation of the 1st Webflow Website

You think you're not good at this and you're not gonna make it? That it takes years of hard study to create a Website? Let me show you that No! By the end of this week, all these ideas will be distorted.

What does that mean to you in concrete terms?

+ You will create a design model with Figma / Sketch or Adobe XD.

+ You will have the opportunity to practice the basic elements acquired so far + You will create a Site One page of one of my real clients + At the end of this week, you will be able to be called a budding Web Designer!

What awaits you in this module

Challenge #2: Design in Figma/Sketch/Adobe XD and I create it on Webflow (73:32)

Module #4

Content management - CMS

CMS, I don't even know what that means, so why would I get into it? Don't panic! CMS = Content Management System, I explain everything here and how we're going to use it in Webflow!

What does that mean to you in concrete terms?

+ You will understand all the functions of a CMS.

+ You will realize the power of the Webflow CMS. + You will even be able to bypass the current limitations.

What awaits you in this module

Understanding the CMS and some case studies (14:57)

How to use the CMS (Step by Step) (22:59)

The advanced capabilities of the CMS (8:24)

Import and Export Data (8:51)

Challenge #3: Using CMS - Top 250 IMDB (5:43)

Challenge #3: My Solution

Module #5

Advanced animations

Well, that's not all! Ok, you know how to make a Site One page, Bravo! But now you have to customize it, improve it, transpose it to your client's image, and you'll get there in a click!

What does that mean to you in concrete terms?

+ You will go even further to create a WOW effect on your Website.

+ You will manage scrolling effects, popups and many other elements like a boss. + You will know how to customize a Website in order to provide your client with quality and personalized work.

What awaits you in this module

Understanding animations (20:19)

Create popups (11:51)

Animation of elements with scroll (5:58)

The Parallax Effect (10:42)

Animate horizontal scrolling (7:10)

Adding a 3D effect to elements (6:48)

Create an easy and fun preloader for your projects (4:26)

Integrating and using Lottie animation (5:34)

Bar that appears/disappears on scroll (5:24)

Module #6

Finalization of the Website

How to manage all the components that make a Website work? It's this way, because it's not enough to create a Website and throw it in the great Google jungle!

What does that mean to you in concrete terms?

Consent Cookies

+ You will have all the knowledge to establish the SEO correctly.

+ You will learn that a successful Site does not stop at development, several post-creation elements will have to be put in place.

+ You will have all the keys in hand to ensure that each of your customers are happy.

What awaits you in this module

SEO checklist before going online (13:06)

Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Maps (13:50)

Forms (contact, e-mailing, ...) & Integration (14:02)

Test the website (5:43)

Privacy, GTCS, GDPR & Accessibility (7:49)

Module #7

Putting on line

What is the procedure to follow once everything is finished? How do you avoid failing in this final stretch?

What does that mean to you in concrete terms?

+ You will learn all the steps to put a Website online.

+ You will know (if the client already had a Website) how to keep the SEO of the previous Website to apply it to the new one.

+ You will learn how to transfer the Website to the client so that he can make changes on his own.

What awaits you in this module

Launching the new Webflow Website without losing the SEO of the previous Website (8:10)

The connection of the domain with Webflow hosting (Example OVH, 02switch) (4:43)

Deliver the project to the client (6:29)

Export Website to WordPress, Shopify (5:49)

Export Website to WordPress with the Webflow plugin (1:46)

Module #8

How to sell a Webflow project to a client

It's good to know how to create a Website, but you still have to know how to live easily and for that you have to put all the arguments on the table!

What does that mean to you in concrete terms?

+ You will understand the concerns of your client and explain the advantages of working with Webflow.

+ You will learn all the financial aspects of creating a website (quote, amount to invoice, ...).

+ You will know how to close large projects thanks to Webflow.

What awaits you in this module

How to sell Webflow to customers (18:37)

What are the main objections to Webflow and how can they be addressed? (5:26)

How much can I charge my client (6:54)

The perfect quote (15:05)

What maintenance should be planned and how can it be monetized? (4:20)

How to protectyourself from badcustomers (10:22)

Module #9

E-commerce Webflow and more (it's heavy)

No, an e-commerce website is too advanced for you! If you've made it this far it's because anything is possible, E-commerce too!

Having my own e-commerce for 10 years, you will master Webflow e-commerce, but I also have a few tips to share with you.

What does that mean to you in concrete terms?

+ You will be able to create a product page and adapt it to the wishes of your customer.

+ You will understand the e-commerce ecosystem from the placing of a product in the basket to delivery.

+ You will discover all the advantages that Webflow E-commerce offers compared to other platforms.

+ You will see, Webflow E-commerce will no longer hold any secrets for you!

What awaits you in this module

Understanding Webflow E-commerce (12:16)

The CMS of Webflow E-commerce (4:58)

The product page and the "add to cart" button (5:06)

Integrated & external payment methods (19:36)

Catalog configuration (9:11)

Email Setup (5:25)

The marketing of an E-commerce (12:33)

Launching the online shop, testing and publishing (3:43)

Module #10

Advanced use cases

I don't understand the code, it's a geek thing, you have to stay for hours in front of your computer before you get a conclusive result. Well no, with what I'm about to tell you, you'll know how to do it too!

What does that mean to you in concrete terms?

+ You will go beyond what Webflow can offer by learning how to implement coding.

+ You will convert your Website into a bilingual and even multilingual site.

+ And much more ...

What awaits you in this module

The Multilingual Website (simple) (4:47)

The Multilingual Website with Weglot (complete) (10:02)

Integration of Instagram publications (3:24)

External code integration for more effects and possibilities (7:13)

Online appointment scheduling integration (4:03)

Integration with Zapier (7:28)

Integration with Memberstack (19:36)

Google modules you can add (14:18)

Webflow's powerful search bar (8:56)

The Ecosystem No Code (31:56)

Overview and Exceeding Limits (17:14)

Module #11

Customer project from A to Z

Client's budget 10k€

I don't know where to start and I'm afraid I'm forgetting something. I need to have a global view of a real project to understand the business issues behind every web project.

What does that mean to you in concrete terms?

+ You will learn my method to create a website efficiently and without stress.

+ You will have no doubts about your new skills.

+ You will be able to create a professional website without forgetting anything.

What awaits you in this module

I plan my project (5:05)

Structure analysis, Export elements, upload to Webflow (11:04)

Create the style guide (14:40)

Creating the CMS structure for the blog (4:07)

Creating the navigation bar and home page (86:03)

Create Coaching/Consulting Part 1 page (31:46)

Create the Coaching/Consulting Part 2 page (53:27)

Create Blog page + CMS Article page with YouTube Video (34:10)

How I adapt the mobile version (37:06)

Website animation (11:48)

Marketing: Popup fullpage, Hellobar (8:53)

Login with Zapier for the form "e-mail" + "contact" (10:58)

Make a check of the set for browsers (3:49)

Complete the SEO part (see SEO checklist) + Line up (3:47)

Record a training video for the client (8:36)

Module #12

This is just the beginning

That's it, you know how to create a Website from A to Z with Webflow, you now have 100% confidence in yourself, you can now chain projects each one more ambitious than the previous one.

What does that mean to you in concrete terms?

+ Pride and total control of a new skill

+ You can create Websites for 10k€, 15k€, >20k€

+ The sale will be controlled (phew!)

+ Let's go for new heights

What awaits you in this module

Become an Expert (5:46)

My conclusions and what awaits you (4:54)

Webflow Coaching & Troubleshooting

Official Happy.academydiploma

You'll be featured on Happydesk.be.

Opportunities are already waiting for you!

A few words about the Studio Master course

Intro : How to create a PRO Website on Webflow

Understanding the basics of Website creation

What does that mean to you in concrete terms?

Understand the business issues behind each creation.

Episode 1: The Vision

Answer the basic questions to get all the cards in your hand.

What does that mean to you in concrete terms?

You'll be able to provide an exemplary UX user experience that will even impress your customer.

Episode 2: The Structure

Put all your ideas in place to start creating the model.

What does that mean to you in concrete terms?

You'll be able to create better models, and make fewer revisions with your future clients.

Episode 3: The Design

Learn how to create designs that are functional and intuitive.

What does that mean to you in concrete terms?

You will be able to innovate while meeting the expectations of your customers.

Development on Webflow (Part 1)

We're attacking development on Webflow

What does that mean to you in concrete terms?

A whole page created from a blank page

Episode 5: Webflow Development (Part 2)

Part 2 to finalize the home page

What does that mean to you in concrete terms?

A homepage that is well built from start to finish.

Episode 6: Add the Blog part on Webflow

Add the Blog section with all the options you will need.

What does that mean to you in concrete terms?

You will be able to propose a blog part and understand how to use CMS databases.

Episode 7: The mobile version

The mobile and tablet version, which you know, is indispensable today.

What does that mean to you in concrete terms?

Create a great Mobile and Tablet experience in just a few minutes.

Let's switch to Premium mode

You want to create flawless 10k€ Websites and propose a "Premium" offer. You want to apply a process that works and allows you to better plan each project. You want to propose a "100% online" (Remote) or physical service and make your customers want to leave a 5/5 note on social networks.

What does that mean to you in concrete terms?

+ You will be able to offer the creation of "Premium" Websites for a minimum of 10K€

+ You will learn how to better plan and manage your projects.

+ You will have a turnkey process that works like clockwork.

Choosing your Kennel & the Message

You want to communicate more effectively on social networks and capture the attention of the best customers. You want to learn copywriting that works. You want to be remembered and thought of for even more ambitious projects.

What does that mean to you in concrete terms?

You'll learn to communicate better, present yourself better online and offline, and put your efforts into what makes the most sense for you.

Winning fundamentals

You want to propose a strategy that makes sense and gets the best results. You want to offer your clients Websites that really convert. You want to learn about online marketing and how to apply it.

What does that mean to you in concrete terms?

Every project will be a success because everything will be crystal clear. The results will be amazing because you'll have all the cards in your hand to create fluid user experiences that get the best results.

SEO for more good customers

As you will already have the previous modules well in hand, you will want to set up foundations that will bring you customers "automatically". The next step is then more technical and fundamental because you will have "everything" you need to ensure that the SEO of your business and those of your customers are maximum.

What does that mean to you in concrete terms?

All the SEO keys you need to know, understand and apply today and tomorrow. Your foundations will be optimal and growth will be there, I can assure you.

Create the best web experience

You want to know all about IU/UX and apply it today. You want to create new and exceptional experiences. You want to learn the technique to better understand ergonomics issues. This is better than a design course.

What does that mean to you in concrete terms?

Ergonomics, design, typography, colours,... all subjects will be within your reach. You will learn the strength of the visuals and the atmosphere so that each project is a real masterpiece.

Sales, Pricing & Negotiation

You want to sign more quotes and, more importantly, quotes that make sense to you. You want to be comfortable dealing with clients before, during and after each project. You want to be ready to negotiate "stress-free" and above all, increase your rates!

What does that mean to you in concrete terms?

You'll be one step ahead of any customer objections. You'll master sales for life, and that's priceless. A shift in your state of mind that will take you to levels you've never reached before. 

Management & Finance

You don't want to "seek" customers anymore. You want to generate more profit with a premium clientele. You want to manage your cash flow better and collect more profits.

What does that mean to you in concrete terms?

Each new project will always be more profitable. Your bank account will always be in the green for the next few years. 

Customer Relationship

You want to manage several projects simultaneously without stress. You want to know how to increase the profit of each project, past or future. You even want to manage conflicts when things go wrong.

What does that mean to you in concrete terms?

The customer relationship will be exemplary and each customer will leave you a 5/5 comment. You will be able to manage several projects and keep customer satisfaction at the top. 

Create a Team

You want to do everything alone but you don't know how to do it. Or on the contrary, you want to learn how to delegate effectively so that you can think about the strategy for the future of your business.

What does that mean to you in concrete terms?

You'll have an infallible technique for picking the right people. Choose according to different criteria, but above all create a stable and fruitful long-term relationship. You'll be familiar with the corporate culture.

Forecasting Systems

It's all about the system. You'll never see anything else. Each element is related to another to form 1 system that can be monitored, improved to achieve all your goals.

What does that mean to you in concrete terms?

Finance, Marketing and decision making will be easier with numbers. You will understand how to predict the best and avoid the worst in the short, medium and long term. 

Pssst... Unlimited updates at no extra cost!

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first come, first served

Happydesk is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy, and we will only use your information to contact you about our products and services.

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1. Private Group

Join a community of like-minded people facing the same challenges as you and share their advice and achievements by accessing the exclusive Happydesk community!

Value xxx
included in the registration

"The learning curve is a bit long, but the design freedom is at that price. A no-code tool that allows you to be autonomous. And top notch support with Kevin Palombo." François B.

2. Coffee breaks

Immerse yourself in the world of Web Design with Webflow and benefit from the expert advice of Kevin and his special guests during weekly invitation-only Q&A calls.

Value xxx
included in the registration

"The most important thing for me is your availability. Being able to ask my trainer directly to help me solve my problems: magic! Louise S.

3. Scripts

Receive all the e-mail and telephone scripts that are used and also benefit from the advice when you are confronted with future customers so that you can put all the chances on your side.

Value xxx
included in the registration

"Kevin followed me from A to Z for my first project. He coached me, supported me and did everything possible to make my first deal a success, 5K anyway!!!" Aline V.

4. Supports & Exercises

Receive all the materials and exercises to create the agency of your dreams while working less and earning more! You don't have to work 10 hours a day to get there, we have what you need to help you!

Value xxx
included in the registration

"The challenges are great and allowed me to put the Training into practice. Learning the theory is one thing, practicing it is another..." Pascal M.

5. SEO checklist

Make sure to put your customers in the #1 position on Google with our detailed checklist of best practices for creating SEO for your future customers.

Value xxx
included in the registration

"A website needs good basics to be well referenced, thanks for the list and your help to apply it " Tatiana S.

6. Canvas

Save a lot of time with our templates to create websites in a 100X more efficient and professional way. Use it as you wish in your process.

Value xxx
included in the registration

"We feel good about your training, a real time saver, and God knows it's precious!" Axel D.

7. The Certificate

Impress your colleagues and friends with your official Happy.academy certification once you complete the course - you'll be amazed at how well you'll be found!

Value xxx
included in the registration

"Yihaaaaaaa, I just finished the last video, it was TOPISSIM, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!" Cedric A.

8. Annual Planning

Organize your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly work in a very efficient way with our annual planning so that you can FINALLY reach your goals for sure!

Value xxx
included in the registration

"Simple, precise and well structured" Charline D.

Everything is online,
Learn at your own pace!

The training is 100% online, so you can follow it from anywhere, anytime.

You have time on your hands and you're overflowing with motivation?

Then in 30 days you're done.

You have a lot of work or a side job?

Then slow down and follow the training at your own pace.

It's not the speed that counts, it's the goal!

You are protected with our 100% Money Back Guarantee

Register for the Happy.academy training without risk!

You will love it, this training will change your life.

But, if you are not satisfied with the content of the training for any reason, we will refund your money within 30 days of your purchase, no questions asked.

That's how confident I am about the training!

Let's summarize,
Here is what is included in your training...

11 ultra-complete modules to become a Webflow Expert

It took almost 2 years to design the Webflow Expert Training. Mastering the tool, synthesizing, summarizing, organizing and structuring in order to put all this content in video to offer you a complete training that guarantees you results.

8 Bonuses at your disposal to optimize your training

These 8 Bonuses are resources put at your disposal on a plate. They are hours of research saved on good materials, good information, good processes, not to mention the value of our weekly meetings, our "coffee breaks".

Available and dedicated field coaches

Throughout your learning process, you are accompanied and guided by coaches who have their own business in connection with Weblfow and who know the reality of the field. In short, it's impossible to stagnate... you can only take off!

A caring community and a private self-help group

It's not just a course, it's a state of mind, it's a community. When you join the happy-academy, helping each other, sharing and surpassing our goals are our values.

Total Value of Webflow Expert Training: 13.360€.

Your real investment for
the Webflow Expert Training : 695 €.

Includes lifetime access and all future content updates.
Includes lifetime access and all future content updates.
Includes lifetime access and all future content updates.

Get started,

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You can pay in installments or all at once.

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Webflow EXPERT Training Works,
Here is the proof...

"Clear and didactic Training, with an invested trainer who brings value. The learning curve is a bit long, but the design freedom is at that price. A no-code tool that allows you to be autonomous. And top notch coaching with Kevin."

François Brumas
Graphic Designer - Hypergraphic


"The added bonus of the training is the community. Weblow provides me with exciting professional and personal growth. Any advice for future students? Open a free account on Webflow and follow the training in parallel and of course, want to learn and grow."

Sergio Martos
Web Designer - Webyflow


The training is very interesting and allows me to save a lot of time, so I can concentrate on the backend. I can follow it from home.
An advice to future students?
Go for it!

Frederic Nicolay
Web Developer


The training was challenging for me and exciting. In addition, Kevin is always available when needed. Webflow allowed me to start my own business!
Any advice for future students? Don't be afraid of the fear that makes you afraid ;-)

Emilie Moyne
Web Designer


The happy.academy's "mastering webflow" training is complete and practical. It has enabled me to complete web projects without having to code and brings me an additional income. Thanks to Webflow I spend a week instead of a month on a project.

Sam Coman
Com & Web Expert - Sameo


The training was great. I am very happy to have the videos because I often consult them. You go very far in your explanations, the training is more than complete because the modules at the beginning and end are real intro: content for US, no web aspect, really a human aspect and support. The must of the must remains for me your availability.

Louise Stoffmacher
Expert Com & Web - Vulcain Acier



Hello, I'm Kevin.

In 2006, I created my first website with only a lot of perseverance, passion and my old computer.

I have always been a self-taught person and all my knowledge of the digital and entrepreneurial world is due to my unconditional thirst for learning and my curiosity.

My best reward? Becoming a Webflow expert in 2021! As if everyone can do it!

My mission: to help graphic designers to become professional web designers with Webflow.

With the support of recognized and respected leaders...

"Today, Webflow is transforming an industry - and we're just scratching the surface of our ambitions."
"I'm on a mission to create world class designers so they can tackle the world biggest problems."
RAN SEGALL - CEO @FluxAcademy
An unforgettable moment in the recording studios of the webflow university.
Grimur, Stacy, Sara, Brannon Team WEBLOW University Studio
"Helping others make the web beautiful, together"
NELSON ABALOS JR - Customer Support Specialist @Webflow
"Each day I'm striving to educate myself and others to find and implement the best solutions for any given circumstance."
WALDO BROODRYK - Director of Customer Support @Webflow
"Crazy? Yes. But they say that you need to be a bit mad to pursue your vision"
"My favorite part of #nocode is combining these two parts, mixing visual development with the power of low code."
JOE KRUG - Founder @Finsweet
"I get to work with an incredible team to teach the world web design and web development."
BRANNON MCGUIRE - VP of Education @Webflow

Why choose
the Webflow EXPERT Training,
rather than another one?

Successful Environment

You can be sure that you will do things correctly and in the right order by following an ultra-complete and proven training.

Tested & Approved

The happy.academy already has over 1,420 students from Belgium to New Caledonia. That's why we are the reference in website creation. Our methodology works for all webflowers at heart.

Learn from the best

The Happy.academy gives you access to the best web experts who will be able to answer your questions about design, development and SEO.

100% Satisfied or refunded

If you're not satisfied, I'll give you a full refund, no questions asked! You have absolutely nothing to lose but everything to gain, believe me!

Happy.academy' s for you if...

You identify yourself as"motivated." You know in your heart that you can do it, you are looking for a method to help you reach your goals.

You want to be accompanied in an environment that is free of distractions and that prioritizes action and results.

You learn on your own and get by until it works.

You believe in yourself when it comes to learning new things.

You know in your heart that anything is possible!

You're ready to take control of your life and become the expert in the field.

You believe that focus, discipline and hard work are the keys to success for you and your business.

Happy.academy's notfor you if...

You're looking for a"fast" way to make a living online. Our programs require attention, rigor and perseverance.

You want to offer your services to everyone and at any price.

You think the training will take you a week and then it's done.

Aren't you curious to learn more and more?

You're quick to give up when faced with a problem.

If you've read everything so far...

Answer these questions honestly:

What if one idea from Happy.academy could...

Turn your career into a real opportunity to live from your passion and have your financial independence?

And if only one strategy from Happy.academy could...

get you 10, 50, 100 new customers?

And if only one Happy.academy technique could...

gives you at least 5 to 10 hours more productivity every week? How will this impact your profits, pride and relationships?

How much would these changes realistically be worth to you over the course of a lifetime?

1000€, 5000€, 10.000€, 20.000€ or more?

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Think bigger. Start by doing what makes sense to you.

Includes lifetime access and all future content updates.
Includes lifetime access and all future content updates.
Includes lifetime access and all future content updates.

Get started,

Choose the payment method that suits you best!

You can pay in installments or all at once.

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Do you have a question?

Who are you, Kevin?

I am an Entrepreneur, Web Designer, founder of the Happydesk agency and of a deeply optimistic nature.

I want to share what I know, I want to pass on all the knowledge I have acquired to those who want to learn, maybe you? For the past few years, I have been helping people like you to see the future in a big way and to reach their dreams through concrete actions and significant results.

My mission is to help, support and open the doors to new generations of Web Designers.

What's Happy.academy?

It is an academy that offers training courses to train New Generation Web Designers.
are the 3 courses offered by the Happy.academy
#1 - Start
#2 - Amplify
#3 - Triumph

What's the first training: Getting started?

An Ultra complete training provided in HD Video with 10 modules and 7 Bonuses.

How to build a Website with Webflow from the model to the online, this is exactly what you will know how to do at the end of the training.

It is not a simple training, it is the training that leads you to your success. My goal is not to sell training courses and throw you into the wild.

What is the detailed program?

1 - Mastering the basics of Webflow.
2 - Structure and style.
3 - Website creation.
4 - Content management - CMS.
5 - Advanced animations.
6 - Finalising the Website.
7 - Going online.
8 - How to sell a Webflow project to a client.
9 - E-Commerce.
10 - Advanced use cases.

+ 7 Bonus

→ See the full program

What are the bonuses?

Access to a Private
Group Live call each week
Script Phone, Mail.
Materials & Exercises
Canvas Figma & Sketch Checklist Annual

Do I need to have any knowledge or pre-requisites?

No, this course is for beginners, freelancers, graphic designers, creative people and anyone else who has an interest in design.

To succeed in this course, you do NOT need to know any html, CSS, Javascript or any other language.

No development prerequisites are necessary!

This is not a web design course, so you need to have some basic knowledge of design, but a passionate beginner like me will be able to do it with ease!


When does the training start and end?

This training starts now and never ends! This is an online training course that you are free to progress at your own pace. You decide when you start and when you finish.

How long do I have access to the course and the private group?

Once you have access to the training, you have lifetime access to the videos and the private group!

This is very important as a condition for you to live this training in a 100% serene way and without feeling rushed by time!
must have the opportunity to see, review, review and review again and again the videos so that Webflow has no more secrets for you!

How much will I earn by making Websites?

I absolutely can't promise you a result. Because anyone can buy the training and stay on the couch...

However, the training that I offer you will allow you to create high added value Websites at budgets between 5K€ and 25K€ or even more!

All you need is a little interest in the digital world, passion and a bit of perseverance!

Do I need to know HTML/CSS?

No knowledge is required to register for the training (neither Webflow nor HTML/CSS).

Even if you have some experience with Webflow, the Happy.academy's Getting Started Training will allow you to benefit from training videos dealing with advanced techniques.

But not that... you will have all the keys to my personal sales process that I have developed over the last 2 years, and the way I manage the delivery of Websites to my customers.

Do I have to pay for a Webflow account?

At the beginning you can start for free!

You can start and follow the training with a Webflow account totally free.

But, a little advice, I think it will be more advantageous for you (and increase your chances of success) if you commit yourself and move to a paid professional account.

What is the difference between the training and Webflow University?

While Webflow offers technical videos that show you how to use the features of the software, the happy.academy training focuses on how to implement these features on REAL work and customer examples.

I also cover Websites made for customers (and solutions to their objections), which is not covered by the Webflow university.

If I am not satisfied, can I get a refund?

Register for the Happy.academy! course without risk!

You'll love it.

But, if you're not satisfied with the course for any reason, let us know why and we'll give you a full refund within 30 days of your purchase, no questions asked.

Do I have to be present on a specific date to take the training?

No, the happy.academy training is only available in e-learning.

You will have access to all modules in video format. So you can take the course at your own pace!

However, you will be welcome during our weekly "Coffee Breaks" where we will discuss different topics.

Can we download the videos?

training is only available on the Teachable platform, so you will need to be connected to the Internet to follow the videos.

What if I can't?

I'm here and so is the community.

The sharing, exchange and transmission of my knowledge are values that are dear to my heart!

My goal is absolutely not to sell a training and let my students "get by".

I am present and available, which is why "Live Calls" are organized on a regular basis. These are real moments of exchange and sharing!

How do I register for the course?

Click on the START training and follow the steps.

Stay tuned because the "Amplify" and "Triumph" trainings are scheduled for 2021 and 2022!

The happy.academy will make you the Next Generation Web Designer!

Do you have any more questions?

If you have any further questions, you can contact me at kevin@happydesk.be.

Get started,

Choose the payment method that suits you best!

You can pay in installments or all at once.

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Do you have any more questions?

Get the answers so you can make the best choice.